Charger Battery Sony

Charger Battery Sony
My Sony Camera battery charger is still not working?

Okay, I tried thinking of possible ways why my battery charger for my Sony camera isn’t working. I put the battery into the charger, then I put the charger into a wall outlet, the lamp turns yellow and then seconds later…it’s turned off! Does that mean the battery is being charged or is the charger isn’t working? Please, I need answers and I really need my battery to be charged for my camera soon.

mine is doing the exact same thing!!! thats why i found your question, i’m going to try to look up other questions and see if i can figure it out. if i do i’ll let you know.
anyway, to answer one of your questions, i’m pretty sure it isn’t charging, because i put mine into the wall last night and this morning the lamp was out.

****turns out, that the battery was fully charged. how? i don’t know. lol. but the battery is charged now, and i’m guessing the lamp going out indicates that it’s fully charged.

hope yours works!

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