Charger Canon Ixus

Charger Canon Ixus
how do i charge the li on battery in the Canon Ixus 70 camera?

I am dumb but my dad gave me the camera without a charger, the battery has died and i cant for the life of me work out how to recharge it.
and where does the charger plug in?

you’re gonna need the charger for the battery.

If your dad has the camera, then he must’ve have the charger. But in case he lost it, the IXUS 70 (sometimes called the Powershot SD1000) can use a Canon CB-2LV battery charger like these:

Usually, you can attach regular power cable (the one you usually attach to a boombox or something like that) to the charger. Some other charger also have the plug built in but I’m not sure which one is the case with the CB-2LV.

Hope this helps!

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