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Charger Car Kits
I think someone has been in my house?

I started noticing this about a month ago, and it has happened twice since then.
Some examples of something fishy are:
I would clean my room, and close the door, and when I would get home from school the door would be open, photo frames knocked over and some of my possesions on the ground. Another thing is I went out with my family, NONE of us were home and me and my sister both went and locked all the doors, and when we came home one of them was open. We both saw me lock and close them so it’s not like I’m just imagining it.
My parents think I am being stupid but me and my sister both think theres someone in our house whne we’re away.
Also there are some items, just small things but like, my phone charger (car kit), my favourite coffee mug, and some other things that have gone missing.
Also, I don’t know if I can go to the cops because I don’t really have any solid evidence. It’s just that gut-feeling you know? And usually my gut-feelings are pretty accurate.

there are plenty of examples where people snoop around when a house is empty especially if the house has teen aged girls. check your private garments to see if any are missing or look soiled. if some freak is snooping around your room it is only a matter of time until he escalates to something more serious.
call the police and let them know how you feel. check the sex offender registry in your neighborhood and tell your parents that you expect them to take you serious.
there may have a simple explanation or it could be leading to something bad. always listen to your inner voice. if it tells you something is wrong then there probably is something wrong.

hide a camera.

also have you considered ghosts?

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