Charger Case Lcd

Charger Case Lcd
Is it able to repair a broken monitor or glass of a Cell Phone?

i accidentally pull the cable of the charger while it’s connected to my cp..and its kinda from a high place, so i just saw my cellphone’s monitor has a crack but working just like nothing’s happened…its not the LCD was damaged right?..bec. its desktop or wallpaper or the screen inside (the one that shows the graphics) is just totally fine..its just the glass from the outside (the one that u can touch..), that came from its own case of my cp …so is it really able to replace that glass?

u can buy a new dummy for ur phone….it will repair the whole body of ur phone including the glass at the cost of just Rs1000.

Samsung – Digital Camcorder with 2.7″ Color LCD Monitor – Black P2

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