Charger Cord Casio

Charger Cord Casio

I am selling a Black Casio Exilim Digital Camera. (Casio EX-Z1050) It is 10.1 Megapixels. 2.6 inch wide and bright LCD screen. 3x Optical zoom. Only had it about a year. Perfect condition. Still have the box/manual/charger/cords. It works perfectly. It has multiple settings like Sports, Party, Fireworks, Monochrome, Sepia, Text, Children etc. It also makes movies/videos. It’s a very good camera!

How much do you think I should charge? I was thinking $100-$125.
Probably not Fishmeister… I’m a pretty fast keyer.

If it’s in perfect condition, cut the price you paid in half and start there. If it doesn’t sell, you’ll have to lower it though. Try Craigslist.

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