Charger Fit Canon

Charger Fit Canon
How do i charge my canon cam?

I’ve lost me cam harger from the start, and ive been running on battries, although i cant find any with enough energy. Ive discovered the motorola charger fits perfectly into my cam. Would this work as a charger, if so how would i do it?

NO! Do not do it. The motorola charger fits your camera because it is a USB charger and your camera happens to have a USB port. You CANNOT charge Canon cameras through their USB port. You will break your camera if you try.

If your camera uses AA batteries you’ll have to buy more. If it uses the Canon Li-Ion rechargeable batteries you’ll need to get a new charger. They can be purchased at camera stores or on eBay for ~$50. It sucks but it’s the way it is.

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