Charger Fit Fujifilm

Charger Fit Fujifilm
Lost Fujifilm Z5 Battery charger and USB port…?

I have a Fujifilm Z5 camera and I lost my battery charger AND USB port.

My camera is dead and I really need some pictures off of it ASAP.

Also, I’ve looked everywhere. So idk where it is.

I bought it from Circuit City… but I also looked on the internet for the charger but can’t find one fit for my camera.. Idk what to do.

Do you think Circuit City would have some in stock? Also, I have warranty on my camera if you need to know that.

I also looked on the Fujifilm website and can’t find anything!


Please help!?

According to the web page in Link 1, the Z5 uses the NP-40 battery, which is charged using the BC-65S charger, also located on the same page. The BC-65S is available from Amazon for $54 (Link 2). Otherwise, you can call Fujifilm and ask them what AC adapter they use for that camera. Link 1 has 3 different AC adapters, but it doesn’t say what cameras they are designed for, so if you can find out which one goes with your camera, you could also search online to buy a spare one of those.

As far as getting your images off of the camera, get a Usb Card Reader. It plugs into a USB port, and you take the card out of your camera and pop it into the reader, and it will show up on your computer that way. I actually prefer card readers because they use the computer’s power, not the camera’s battery power, to transfer images.

You mentioned you shop at Circuit City, so Link 3 is so an affordable ($16) card reader. Just take your card out of your camera, put it into the reader, plug the reader into an available USB port, and you’ll be good to go.