Charger Fit Nikon

Charger Fit Nikon
Can I charge my nikon d70 with a wall charger?

I was wondering if I can charge my Nikon D70 with a wall charger. The charger is one of those that connects to my Blackberry. There is a slot on my nikon where it fits, which I usually use for uploading my photos to my computer. I normally charge the battery with it’s appropriate device except that I recently moved and left the charger 350 miles away. I would just buy another one but as I am taking a class on photography at my university I need it by Friday for an assignment. I am also considering going to a camera store but with classes and minus a car it will be hard to get there, especially since the closest one is in the next town. I’m pretty sure the answer is no, but it’s better to ask and be sure. If it is no, then what would happen if I did plug it in? Would it destroy my camera or will nothing happen? Thanks for any on topic replies.


The charger that comes with your D70 is designed specifically to charge your Li-ion battery without overheating or overcharging it.

Look on craigslist and see if you can find someone selling a charger and battery for your camera. Attempting to use any other charger (generic) may cause damage to the battery (over charging and/or heating) and under extreme conditions, even a fire or explosion.

Call around to camera stores in your area and see which one has a charger, then take a bus and buy it.