Charger Fit Olympus

Charger Fit Olympus
Why is the Model LI-42B Battery Pack for my Olympus Camera PUFFING? Is it dangerous? ?

I have an Olympus Camera with a Model LI-42B Battery Pack.

I haven’t used my camera in a while so I charged the battery then pulled it out of the charger and put it on my desk. I don’t remember how long it has been sitting there…

I got it to try and use it and the sides are puffing out!

It won’t fit in the camera any more!

I’m afriad that it will burst… If it does, what does that mean?

Is it dangerous?

I put it in a plastic baggie just in case but I’m worried and PISSED that the GOOD battery that came with my camera has crapped out so soon.

What does this mean?

That is not good at all. It seems like the battery is defective, or damaged. You should return it to the company for a replacement battery. Check you manual or the company website for service directions on returning the battery.

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