Charger Fit Panasonic

Charger Fit Panasonic
How can I charge my camera in New Zealand (camper van)…?

I’m going to New Zealand soon, we are renting a Spaceship camper van. I have a Digital Camera – a Panasonic Lumix FX12. This camera has a rechargable battery that you have to take out and put in a charger that attaches to the mains.

I’m just wondering if there is some kind of adapter so I can charge this battery whilst in the camper van, maybe via a cigarette lighter or something? Also, would adapters that fit into UK car cigarette lighters fit New Zealand ones?

As you can tell, I’m pretty clueless about all this so any help would be particularly appreciated. We are going for 3 weeks and will not be stopping anywhere that i will be able to plug it in otherwise, and want to have some cool pictures!


Most camper vans will have a cable to connect to the mains, and most camping areas have an outlet at each site to allow camper vans and caravans to connect. If you stay in camping areas you will have access to mains power to connect. You may need an adapter plug so your UK charger can plug into NZ sockets.

As far as I know, car cigarette lighters are the same in all countries.

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