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I have get one of those HDD camcorders that I brought like 2 years ago. I’ve record alot of stuff and am now wanting to put them onto a DVD. However everything’s within .MOD and .MOI files and it’s really annoying! How do I condense everything and convert them (maybe into WMA or AVI?) so that they can be put onto DVD and watched on a regular DVD player? A small box of film is similar to 10MB and I have get like hundreds of section so the whole show will probably be like 10GB! How do I condense everything? Thank you so much!!

Help next to Video Camera!!?
when i turn on my videocamera it says lens panama is on but its really off. Therefore i cant text anything on my video camera. pleasee help!

Help next to Windows movie author?
I’m trying to get my video so i can own it in a format to put on youtube or facebook. can someone bring up to date me how i do that?

HELP! VRO report? i stipulation it to be wmv?
i am editing a movie that i just record useing a four year old Digital Camcorder, and it uses cds. i put the cd onto my computer, and window quickplay popped up. i tried to move the file to my editing software, but it would not turn. is there any track to change a movie so that instead of self a VEO file it is a WMV record?

Help,,Please?? x?
Not to bother anyone but How do i upload videos stale of my camcorder, it’s a ‘Vivitar DVR 550’ its a great little camcorder but everytime i upload the videos it simply plays the sound, i can upload pictures fine but not the video, Maybe i’m not doing it right,, any suggestions will be appreciated! 🙂 x Thankyou in credit 🙂

I have a JVC handy cam “GZ-MG130”. i own taken a video. now i want to click a snap or freeze one member from that video. is it possible?

Hi everyone, inevitability some counsel?.?
Hi everyone, I am planning to purchase a camcorder so I need warning choosing between Panasonic AG-DVX100b and Panasonic HVX200 one problem my budget is $3500 and What is the best lighting kit for low budget for DVX100b or HVX200? Thanks

Hi! I want to “shoot” a show resembling this one: Help!
I’d like to engineer it with placticine “actors” :-), but I regard the method is the same as near the watermelons in the coupled clip. Could you help me? Domonkos

Ho do you win obedient feature on your video camera?
i dont really get it but i uploaded a video to youtube and my level is horrible and i saw another video and the quality be perfect approaching i was watching it from tv?? lol how do i draw from good element?

How can I account video games to my mac short using a video camera?
Please do not tell me to purchase Eyetv, Eyetv just lets you use your mac as a peak for when you play video games, it does not record the team game.

How can I capture rid of audio gaps/glitches/hiccups when import long play DV footage?
I’m editing a video that someone else shot on Long Play and it’s proving a nightmare with nouns. (When I import other footage within standard play there is no problem). When I introduction with a firewire cable every few second there is a cranny in the nouns and a faint screechy digital commotion. I’ve tried importing the audio separately using an analogue to digital converter and it cuts out much of the gap but not all of them. Can anyone explain why this happen and offer any solutions? Would it put together any difference if imported next to the original camera that shot the footage surrounded by the first place?

How can i charge a video camera mobile if i dont enjoy a charger?
i cant find the charger that you put the battery within. are there any alternative ways to charge the mobile? ps. it is an american video camera i live in Australia.

How can I convert a vhs to a dvd and/or online video?
I have a video of a university play from ten years ago that I would LOVE to watch again, and put up on youtube for some of my speckled classmates to watch. The problem next to the video is that I believe it was record in a European format. We lived contained by Norway at the time and I vaguely remember something almost different television formats? When I try to play it on my (american) vcr it individual shows static and a speeded up dialog is heard. How can I convert it to a watchable format?

How can i create a dvd video from youtube?

How can i find the best point conversion from mini dv to dvd lacking the speckles when watch sizeable blind?
i wanted dutiful dvd quality cos on the computer they look fine but on disc point is bad

How can I narrative my tv blind using a video camera?
I have a JVC Mini DV video camera model GR-D27OU. I want to know if I can dictation my tv screen using the AV, not a moment ago by recording it by foot. I don’t know if I need an AV in/out or what on the camera. Can someone give a hand me?

How can i put my hv20 video on my laptop? firewire?!? minidv hdv?
i cant figure out how to verbs my movies to my pc. it docent hold a firewire plug in. only usb. so what do i need to buy?

How can I repress a personal video on my computer ?
I’ve recorded a personal video and successfully uploaded it to my computer. But I’d also close to to upload it to youtube. Youtube says it’s too long ! How can I bowdlerize my video on my computer and make it shorter ? Let’s say aloud 10 minutes long ? My original video is 20 min long

How can i return with my mod files from my everio hdd camcorder to introduction into movie originator?
the files only work beside the software it came near but i want to use movie maker….i necessitate dummy instructions on how to get them to play surrounded by the movie maker

How can i sperate the nouns from the video when i video cassette things?
i want to have a personage talking within the background of a video i record but i don’t know how to get the nouns frolm one vidoe into another video.

How can I split audio so it’s on both the not here and right tracks?
Okay, so I have my 8mm video camera. It solely has the white audio cable and not the red (so I own the yellow and white). I’m digitizing the video, but I simply have moved out audio, and it bothers me. Can I somehow get this on the right too? Thanks.

How can I take video from a camera onto my computer?
So I have a video camera (not digital) and I involve to be able to upload video from it to my computer. It didn’t come beside a usb cord, just a charger and that cord that you plug into the tv to scenery the vid/burn it to a disc. So is there a persuaded cord I’ll need to buy to hook it up to my computer, or should (and can) I burn it to a DVD, after upload it to my computer? And when I get it uploaded, will I be capable of get it into Windows Movie Maker for editing? Thanks for your aid 😀

How can I upload video from my mini DVD-RW to the computer?
I have a SONY DCR-DVD608 and after CD a video I cannot upload the video on my computer. When I insert the disk the computer doesn’t seem to read it. What should I do?

How can I upload video w/o my disk to install the camera onto the computer?
I lost the CD and I own videos to put on youtube and i be wondering if there is a track to upload videos some opening w/o the disk.

How can I use my 28x optical zoom video camera to gross claymations? Do I involve a specific line?
If I do need a clear in your mind wire to hook my camera up to my computer what benign of wire? And if I can’t hook my 28x optical zoom video camera to my computer what video camera could I use?

How can you craft special effects on a video made on a digital camra?
cuz i need to kind awsome vids

How can you finalise a dvd when camcorder wont read disc?
Hi there, please minister to….. I bought 3 panasonic dvd-r discs to record my celebratory on. Got my mate to record it cos i be busy getting married, one of the discs finalised but the other 2 did not. my camcorder says it cant read the discs but you can see that near is data on within. As a result 2 discs dont work, you can imagine how sick i am. Would be cheerful of any suggestions.

How can you verbs your home video to dvd’s?
I don’t want to take them to a photo place I want to do it on my own. What do I call for to do this?

How Do Download A Video And Put It Onto Windows Movie Maker?
i am trying to put different alien and predator clips together IN WINDOWS MOVIE MAKER BUT I DONT KNOW HOW TO DOWNLOAD THE CLIPS TO GET THEM ON THERE!

How do I …. (Video making examine!!)?
I’m try to make a video, I hold a camcorder that uses a dvd instead of tape, but when I put the dvd into the computer I can keep under surveillance it, but I can’t save it onto a window file. Anyone know how I can collect it?

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