Charger Olympus Camedia

Charger Olympus Camedia
Rechargeable Batteries for Olympus Camedia D-540 Zoom 3.2 Megapixel?

Using Olympus Camedia Ni-MH2100 Batteries. Charging them in Olympus Camedia Ni-MH Battery Charger BU-500. I need to replace the batteries ASAP since I am down to one right now and need camera for vacation very soon.

Can I use non Olympus Type AA 1.2V 2100mAh Nickel-Metal Hydride Batteries in this charger / camera?

Thanks so much for your help. Got 2450 MAH Batteries today. Will eventually replace camera but it takes great pictures and would not want to get rid of it at this point.

Yes you can. You could use any AA battery but ni-mh rechargeables are best. Look for a High MAH rating. You are using 2100 but you can find 2400 or even higher. They will last longer between charges.