Charger Olympus Stylus

Charger Olympus Stylus

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Buying camera canon powershot tx1? newegg?
Is a good site to buy a canon powershot tx1 from?

Calling adjectives photographers…best answer!?
i was only wondering if these camera were any biddable? – are they good trait or not? -whats good something like them? -what’s bad? – out of these which one should i grasp? who ever answers ALL my questions best …will grasp the best answer. camera# 1… camera#2… camera#3… camera# 4…

Camara query.?
what is the best kind of camara i can achieve for 200$ i really want one that has greatly of MP, lots of features(including close-up), can take video, and that have lots of memory. i dont care almost the style or how it looks.

Camera abet?
well not exactly, do you guys no any really well brought-up free editing downloads to edit your pictures? besides photofiltre and picasa?

Camera acting crazy?
I have a Canon Digital Rebel xti, and it’s acting a fool for no motivation. I’ve used it every day for times past few weeks, and I used it today several times. After the last shot I took, I flipped the OFF switch, but the green night light stayed on. I turned it back to ON and tried to lug a photo- the autofocus worked, the flash popped up, but the display never turned on and it won’t take a picture. I tried taking out the battery-operated and card, and left it for an hour. I also tried removing the lens. What else can I try? This is crap.

Camera Advice?
I am mostly into photographing live bands and am currently working next to a Nikon Coolpix L1.. I am ready for an upgrade, but don’t know what quality of camera is good for Live band… In addition, funds are low…haha Thanks surrounded by advance!

Camera and focusing..?
i have a SLR, Nikon D 50. i needed to take a pic of my sister and an ostrich, but i enjoy to focus on either my sis, or the ostrich. if i focus on my sis, the ostrich is blurry. How can i fashion it so it focuses on two objects?

Camera assistance!!?
Im getting a digital camera for my birthday in may and i be just wondering weather 8.2 megapixel is perfect? Im not very correct at stuff like that so i involve some help. Thanks xx

Camera back!!?
okay, i have a topical kodak camera its m763 or something. 8.2 mega pixels. and i have be taking picture just on internal memory. i bought a SD ( memory ) card today put it surrounded by and had 300 some. Then when i go to review, it switched to internal memory again. Now i cant take pictures on the strange memory card. Any help would be MUCH appricated! :]

Camera Charging Help!!?
I have a Kodak Easyshare Z712 SI camera and a Kodak EasyShare G610 dock. I can’t give the impression of being to get it to charge. How do I capture it to work right? I hold “Up” and “Cancel” for 5 seconds resembling the manuel says but it only just trys to make copies of stuff. Help!

Camera Choice Which Is Better?
Help! I am trying to pick out a good camera and i am stuck between Panasonic Lumix and olympus? Which is better? If any other suggestions for honest cameras tell me! Thnx 🙂

Camera effect?
Whats that camera thing where on earth its night time surrounded by a city street and you can see the lights dragging behind it.. infer its something to do with exposure.. can you reproduce it on a Digital Camera?

Camera expert! Olympus Stylus 710.?
Alright so i opened up the olympus stylus 710 because the lens wouldnt start on the whole course. i got it to work sort of if i have the camera facing down…seemed approaching a loose gear.once i was assembling it vertebrae together i saw a spark. this most probably means is short circuited or soemthing. immediately the camera doesnt turn on at all! what wants to be replaced. also, can you tell me how not to procure shocked(the places to becareful)…i dont know how i got shocked but i did. while trying to fix it.

Camera features?
camera features: let me know what they are and what should i be looking for? color filter system color space sensor type af pionts white symmetry thanks

Camera flawless ample?
I have a Canon Powershot A630. I’m starting to wonder if it’s accurate enough for elevated quality photographs? Should I buy a lens, I really want DETAIL. That’s the most major thing. It have 8 megapixels but sometimes it doesn’t feel honest enough. Any lens you suggest that I should buy?

Camera give a hand, what does slr be determined?
Like in this site it say SLR… What does it mean and contained by this site does it come with the lenses

Camera grill?
does anybody know where i can buy a charger online for the Panasonic Dmc-FX07 Lumix Digital Camera

Camera HELP ASAP!! :)?
my camera says it is on -0.7EV and the pictures are turning out funny. what do i do? i own a Sony Camera by the way

Camera help out… please, please serve! I requirement to know if I should purchase this camera??
I’m great at taking pictures erudition lighting and I’m going to start taking my own pictures for the models wearing my clothing for my online clothing store and I want to know if this camera will do the job… I newly need great aspect pictures…That will look professional…

Camera Help!?
So i’ve had this Kodak Easyshare M853 for awhile, and still havent really figure out the damn thing. The stupid carton i got didnt even enjoy a real charger, it come with a USB cord to charge it from my computer. So i plug it surrounded by, turn on the camera to start the charge, and the red light flashes for ten second and goes away. Nothing. So i plug it contained by, turn on the camera and click menu, and again, nothing. What the hell do i do to bring back it to charge?

Camera Help?
Is it better to have a larger gigabite for a camea or a smaller one lyk 3 or 7?

Camera Lens backing? lomo-effect possibly.?
I’m wondering if there’s any kind of lens that give you this sort of effect on pictures:…… After doing some research on it, the closest thing I can find is the lomo effect, but none of the lomo pictures i’ve see look exactly like what i want, which is the muddy corners look with the flash circle surrounded by the middle. I’m not interested in Fish-Eye lenses. If there’s any class of way to do this on a photo-editing program, I’d similar to to know about that as okay, but I’d much prefer if there be a lens or technique to accomplish this. Thanks!

Camera lenze froze??
i have a Easy share camera that i get a year ago. and i was only just taking pictures and the peak started flashing white and black. and then i go to go turn it rotten and it turned off but the lense stayed out. Has this happen to anyone and how did you fix it??

Camera Memory Card?
it says i enjoy to format it i know it means delete it but do you think if i purloin it somewhere to develop it they can fix it or something or is there no hope

Camera oblige! pleaseee straightforward points.?
for sometime now i enjoy wanted a tangible camera not some lame sony or samsung type of thing. close to a canon or a nikon im a serious amateur and i know already how to use one, (been borrowing a friends D40) so i wanted to know what camera i should start past its sell-by date with i approaching the D40 its really nice but can anyone suggest any other good cameras for a serious amateur please and thank you.

Camera picture standard..?
I recently go to a concert and brought my camera for some nice pics… but a lot of the pictures turned out enormously blurry. The camera I used was a Kodak Easyshare C513 – 3x Optical zoom – 5.0 megapixels… Here are 2 of the pictures……… I did use zoom because I be no where hard by close enough, but I believe I stayed past its sell-by date the Digital Zoom because I heard it messes next to the picture quality. I be wondering what I should look for in a camera for better picture competence. A price around $300 would be nice. I don’t know what to look for in a camera for better picture ability, so any websites or tips on what to look for would be appreciated.

Camera problem?
i have a samsung s730 digital camera, and as expected it broke. The screen is cracked and metaphors don’t come up anymore. I was wondering, how should i stir about getting that LCD blind replaced?

CAMERA problem?
my camera has be dropped a couple times and the lens thing that make the camera zoom and stuff sticks out and wont go wager on in. I tried putting battery in it and the sreen be blue and i didnt see anything! I need my camera posterior i miss taking pics any idea how to fix it in need buying another 1?

Camera Problem?
The probably is actually beside the disk/my computer. I have a Canon Digital camera that have a disk used to store photos. I can insert the disk in my computer to belief the pics, but whenever I take it out, after awhile this box pops up that say “No Disc” and gives the option of “Cancel”, “Continue”, or “Retry” and I can’t click on anything unless the disk is in the computer. This box keep coming up whenever the disk isn’t in. What’s near this and what can I do to prevent it from popping up?

Camera problems! HELP?
there is something wrong beside my digital camera. When i try to take a picture near the flash on it stalls and doesn’t take a picture unless i hold the button (that you lift a picture with) down for a long time. it will take a picture near the flash off, but it comes out really blurry! ?!?!? is any one else have this problem? and how do i fix it? i have search google, and everywhere for an answer, and decided here might facilitate. thx. =) The Model is: S630 Samsung

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