Charger Panasonic Dmw

Charger Panasonic Dmw
where to find a charger for a Panasonic Lumix DMC F1?

I lost my battery charger/adaptor and need to get a new one. The manual says it was developed specifically for this camera, not to use any other. Then I went to best buy and there was a universal that took several different product brands including Panasonic. But they didn’t carry the recommended charger. Can I safely use the universal charger?
My battery pack is a panasonic DMW-BCA7 3.6 v 680mAh. If I have to use the DMC-F1 charger which is DE-929A where do I purchase it?

I did a quick search online for your question. seems there are a few places offering this charger as an “Accessory Pack”. Simply enter these key words into your search engine:

“Charger for a Panasonic Lumix Dmc F1″

You should get about 8000 hits.

But as a personal reference I would suggest: