Charger Samsung Digimax

Charger Samsung Digimax
How do I charge my camera in the U.S.?

I have a Samsung Digimax L70 that I bought in Germany. I’m going to the U.S. for a couple of weeks and need to use it a lot. I will need to charge it – probably every day, but the charger I have is 220. Is it possible to use one that is 110? If so where can I buy one?
If not, how do I charge my camera?
Here’s a link to the exact camera, it even shows my charger:
Thanks y’all – (I feel stupid now…) Yeah, turns out I just need to adapt the one I have now – much easier than I thought.

concerning electronic devices, chances are, all you need is a plug converter because while the power outlet in your neck of the woods is 220, your camera doesn’t use that full voltage and the power is stepped down before it ever hits your battery. belkin makes some pretty good universal power converters… i would check online first. make sure you get the right one…

edit: this is exactly what you need

good luck