Circular Polarizer Glass

Circular Polarizer Glass

Kia Cerato navigation DVD / HD digital display Sharp / Full ipod control / Bluetooth / Optional TPMS


1. Do not be scared away by the price if you really care about your car and want to buy products of advanced and high quality. It's worth the price.
2. If you have the budget and a lot of interest, please DO contact us for user manual, installation manual and other information.
3. We invite you to place a small batch, along with their friends in the club car. We can use a wider range of the manufacturer.

  • Made by a world? Famous manufacturer in China, high quality guaranteed.
  • Dual-core CPU, the processing speed fast.
  • Acute 6.5inches TFT LCD screen definition digital high, 800 * 480 resolutions, Pels 2.65million
  • Support Full function control of the iPod (Below is a list of iPod compatible)
  • Perfectly match your original car: Kia Cerato
  • Compatible with disc CD changer, steering wheel control, USB card, TF
  • Dual Zone: Enjoy the music while that navigation
  • You can make hands-free calls or listen to music via bluetooth
  • TPMS & built DVB-T digital TV function are optional (you have to pay extra)
  • Orange and blue menu you can choose according to their own preferences.
  • Surround sound options available (Stage, Film, Studio, Disco)

Supports all popular GPS maps

Rear Seat Entertainment:
The passengers in the front and rear in the same car you can see the different programs with the same super-visual pleasure.

Support multi-disc box number:
Supports all types of 6/8/10 disc changer box (such as Sanyo, Sharp, etc.). Strong compatibility.

Fully supports DVD/VCD/CD/MP3 and other A / V media formats
1.completely DVD/VCD/CD/MP3 supports and other A / V media formats
2.Four channel outputs, built-in 4? 45W HI-FI amplifiers, presenting a perfect sound and video quality, the sound is combined with a scene can give you a sense of stereoscopic stunning surround sound!
3.display and how many roles. You can enjoy playing DVD while running the GPS system, the screen is fluid, brilliant and exquisite, brightness and contrast is harmony.

Convulsed ringer and enjoy your entire trip! "automatic memory function
As you should stop DVD or CD to change another interface screen, auto-function keep memory information at present as to back entertainment system, you can display on the top of the automatic stopping.
ring convulsed and topping enjoy!
Four output channels, a function of 4 45W HI-FI amplifiers, presenting a perfect sound quality video, sound is combined with a scene can give you a sense of stereoscopic stunning surround sound!
External car amplifier
external amplifier can be connected to drive greater demand!

The built-in tuner AM / FM compatible the search function, storage, frequency display, wood and fit problems. 18 fast track radio station, station button frequency on the screen, allows the rapid screening station.
Double FM saver. FM allows fast channel switching.
Note: not compatible with RDS (used in Europe and Australia)

All the control of the function:
Through the touch screen, iPod functions can be used as play, pause, stop, next, previous, categorized by artist, album or play at random.

Display Song Title:
The contents of the iPod can be viewed as song titles, playing status, time, etc.It is like showing all content iPod touch screen. The titles of the songs can be in traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, Japanese, English, etc.

Wood Fit:
How to connect the iPod and display of the song, the adjustment function of wood can move the sound effect OIDP.

iPod compatible list

Bluetooth hands-free kit
handsfree bluetooth support;
Auto-mobile distinguish offline or mobile support;
you can dial the number on the screen TV;
call volume can be adjusted;
automatic storage of incoming telegrams and line numbers;
3 Mobile Storage Association

Clear echo-Up Audio
AEC is a peripheral kind of voice signal model, which bases on the relevance of signal from the speakers and multi-path echoes from the speakers went. We can evaluate the echo by AEC model? And change the filter parameters for the continuing conjecture about the true echo. Then remove the echo conjecture from the input signal microphone to eliminate echo and realize the perfect hands-free calling.

Insert the USB interface, you can see every file U-disk (support Chinese and English display);
Tapping the buttons will be floating, the operation is similar with the game DVD.
Choose a file and click OK, enter this file. Select related information and press confirm to open folders. Content View and select the file to run or surf.

TPMS is an optional feature (Please add an additional $ 225USD)

Invert image
Allow back of the camera connection on the mainframe. Show clear rear view, while the reverse. Increase investment security. Reduce waste of money. Watch the picture above.

External AV
In the "Set" page, transfer [] to activate the iPod [Support input function]. This allows the user to connect other media players like MP3 or MP4, and audio and input images.

Inspection Brake
If the [Inspection brake function] is selected, the video is only displayed when the car is braking conditions. This is to ensure driving safety. If the passenger wants to watch video while the car is in motion, the [Inspection brake function] must be switched-off.

Light check
If the light [Check Function] is turned-on during the night mode, automatically detects the conditions car light and automatic brightness adjustment. This ease the burden of eye while watching the screen and avoid irritation of the eyes of car lights Incoming.

Other adjustments
More value, such as setting back seat entertainment, special button on the steering wheel reversing camera.

Show parts

  • Screen Size: 6.5inches
  • Area Display: 144 * 78.4
  • Definition: 800 * 480.
  • Pels: 2.65million
  • Type: TFT (thin film transistor) Active Matrix Penetration, Luz
  • Illume Edge: The cold cathode light
  • Color System: NTSC / PAL Compatible
  • Range Temperature: -10 ° C ~ ~ +50 ° C Celsius
  • Save Temperature Range: -20 ° C ~ C ~ +80 ° C
  • Screen Touch: Resistance and Press Simulate (film + glass)


  • Mode: L1, C / A-Code GPS Sps Standard Locator Service
  • Receive mode: 12channel
  • Reception frequency: 1575.42MHz
  • Sensible: 130dbm-
  • Renew Test Time: Once per second

General Parameters

  • Max current consumption: 10.0A
  • Voltage: DC12V (11V ~ 16V)
  • Ground Shape: Cathode Ground
  • Exterior Image Input Level: 1V PP/75 Ohm
  • The maximum input level of external sound: K-Ohm 1.5v/22
  • Image Output Level: 1v PP/75 Ohm (White 100% output / When Displaying DVD)

Amplifier, the audio portion

  • Maximum output Power: 45 W * 4
  • Load Impedance: 4 Ohm
  • The output level / prefix Resistance: 2.0 V/100 ohms
  • Curve Equal Loudness: 6db (10kHz)
  • Equalizer: 100Hz-14 ~ 6 db, 10kHz ± 10dB

DVD Screen Parts

  • Supported disc format: DVD-ROM, DVD-Video, DVD-R (Video Mode) / RW Mode (Video), CD-Rom, CD-DA, CD-R/RW
  • Area Number: 6
  • Signal format (sample rate): (DVD): 48/96 kHz (Cd): 44.1 Khz
  • Characteristic Frequency (DVD)
    8Hz ~ 44kHz (± 1 dB)
    (Cd): 20Hz ~ 20kHz (± 0.1/-0.3db)
    S / N (DVD): 97dB (1kHz)
    (IHF-A Network)
    (Cd): 96 dB (1 kHz)
    (IHF-A Network)
  • Dynamic limit (DVD): 95dB (1kHz)
    (IEC-A Curve/20khz LPF)
    (Cd): 94dB (1kHz)
    (IEC-A Curve/20khz LPF)
  • Harmonic Distortion Rate: 0.008% (1 kHz)
  • Channel: 2 (sound dimensional)

Fm / Parts Connections

  • Reception frequency waveband (87.5MHZ ~ 108MHz)
  • Sensible Degree: 9dbf (S/N30db 0.7μv/75ohm a single channel)
  • 50db sensitive Degree: 14dbf
  • S / N: 50dbMore that (IHF-A Web)
  • Total harmonic distortion: 0.3% (In 65dbf, 1kHz, Ster-Eo)
    0.1% (In 65dbf, 1 kHz, mono)
  • Report Frequency: 30Hz ~ 15000Hz (± 3 dB)
  • Sound Dimensions Distinguish: 45dbMore that (65dbf input, 1 kHz)

Am / Parts Tune

  • Reception frequency Wave Band: 531khz ~ 1602khz (9KHz)
    1604khz ~ 530kHz (10kHz)
  • sensitive Degree: 18μv (S / N 20dB)
  • Make selection: 65 dB (IHF-A Network)

GPS Antenna

  • Antenna: microwave transmission, and the plane antenna / Hand right circular polarization wave
  • WireLength Antenna: 5.0m
  • Random / Repeat: YES

Size Product

  • Size: 178 (W) * 100 (H) * 165 (D) mm
  • Magnetic base GPS antenna: 39 W () * 15.5 (H) * 48.5 (D) mm


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