Cleaning Kit Lens

Cleaning Kit Lens
Where can I buy a Lens Cleaning Kit?

I have a Canon Camera and some of my lens need to be cleaned.
Does best buy have lens cleaning kits? Do you know of any place where i can buy one.
Also i went to an acoustic show and i lost one of my lens caps where could I buy one of those.

Today was just my bad luck day.

thanks in advance.

The lens pen is a great tool that every photographer should have in their bag. Fast and painless way to get smudges and dust off of the lens. The bundled cleaning kit is actually pretty decent. The microfiber cloth is actually a microfiber cloth and doesn’t leave behind lint like some other cheap ones. The blower is compact and fits well in my Camera Bag. Haven’t used the lens cleaning fluid, tissues or swabs yet, but they appear to be of decent quality. Totally worth it for the price even if you never use the cleaning fluid

LensPEN + Precision Design Cleaning Kit – for Digital Slr Cameras & Lenses
* KIT INCLUDES 2 PRODUCTS — All Brand New Items with all Manufacturer-supplied Accessories
* LensPEN LP-1 Lens Cleaning System — with retractable brush and unique cleaning tip
* Precision Design 6-Piece Deluxe Cleaning Kit
* Convenient-to-use and safe for all optics including multicoated lenses and non-toxic
* This LensPEN Precision Design Combo Cleaning Kit to safely clean your film and Digital Cameras, lenses, camcorders, binoculars and scopes

Otis Lens Cleaning Kit

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