Clear Filter Lens

Clear Filter Lens
A few general Canon Rebel questions?

Here’s a few questions I have for my 400D camera

1) On my Digital Rebel some of my shots in M mode are still way way bright. I try setting the ISO? by the spin dial all the way but it stops at 4000. How can I get nice shots of people/objects in direct sunlight?

2) With my Digital Rebel I have the Canon 75-300MM. I get maybe 5 in 100 shots that are CRYSTAL CLEAR for one reason or another (people subjects). I used to do all AF but now I’m trying to do all MF with the M feature for light and it hasn’t improved any. I have noticed only my very close shots from people about 10-15 feet away will come in PERFECT. When I use say 200mm-300mm the shots are still nice but not as nice. Is there something I’m doing wrong or is this expected?

3) Lens filters.. I don’t have much money and some ARE much more expensive than others. Are there differences? I want to REALLY highlight blue skies above all else.

Any help would be appreciated.

If your images are way too bright, you need to turn the ISO down because that makes the camera less sensitive to light. It sounds like you’re actually spinning the shutter speed dial, not the ISO dial. Next, you need to adjust your aperture so that it’s a bigger number (i.e. if it’s on f/8, set it to f/11 or f/16) which will make a smaller lens opening.

Maybe your eyes aren’t so good when you’re manually focusing–it might look sharp close up because it’s easier to see, and it might look sharp further away, but it’s not really. You might also have some vibration or camera shake, because it’s more important to hold the camera steady at 300mm than at 75mm.

Lens filters: to darken blue skies, go for a Circular Polarizer Filter. Don’t go too cheap, but a moderately priced one should suffice.

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