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Clip Snap Cap


Josh got out of bed and sat on the race car "that he and his father built before he left. I was only 7, but remember his father as if it were yesterday, his strong arms that is used to pick up and hug, the smell of his cologne. It seems so close …

The car has an orange crate as front and a 2×6 as the middle lane. The stroller wheels on the bottom let that slide smoothly and easily through the soil and allow for some wheel limited ability to turn left and right. The "brake" is a simple 1×1 screwed to the side of the car behind him and it would drag on ground when stopped.

Make sounds of racing as the wheel moves from one side to another, he imagines himself in a race – doing laps on the track with ease while worked in lap after lap.

As he was rounding the final turn, his sister came in the door and said "do not go too fast in that thing – I will not you hurt yourself! "." Do not worry, Susie! It would NEVER hurt me! "He says and ends the sound of the motor of relaxation at the end of the career. Getting out of the car, put on his clothes and the wheels of the car to the garage, came to the door opening and is received by the crisp autumn air and the sun under which adds a small heat sample day was wonderfully warm.

He looks out side and sees his friend Bobby by playing in his front yard. "Hey Bobby! Want a ride? ". Bobby responds immediately -" Sure! Where are we today? "." Just down the street think … Come on. " Bobby sat behind Josh – "controls the brake and I will lead." He said the two gave a push the car and headed down the driveway.

When I reach the end of the driveway, Josh gently turn and slid right down the street for a short time before they began to lose momentum. "We will hit again! "Josh says and give the car a powerful boost to gain speed. I knew it was going to play in the street, but figured" what your mom does not know he would not hurt her. "

After crossing the street at the end of your block Josh noticed that they were beginning to gain speed – downhill angle adding street speed as they traveled along. "Forward!" He yelled at Bobby and his greater speed and both cried with joy.

Thing are moving along a pretty good pace now and Josh figures going fast enough and really did not want to push the cart up, far too get home. "Hit the brake, "he yells at Booby above the noise of the wheels on the pavement. He hears the crackling of wood in the ground and then a strange clicking sound. Bobby has broken stick Josh to see and said "You mean this brake?." Bobby throws the stick aside and yell so much as the sound on the street.

"Do not worry! I'm going to get us out of this! "And start thinking about what you can do. They were so fast and not have a rearview mirror, Josh does not realize that behind him a small ball things are starting to collect, maintain with them the ways, but from behind, as the vortex of air created by his speed began to pick up debris from the street nearby.

Josh was thinking a lot about what to do next, when he saw a dribbling across the street in front of them. As they began to pass the ball, a boy of about 5 or 6 ran to the street after that and right into the path of the car. BANG! They beat the child. He throws on the front end and land in the car behind Bobby. "What is happening?" He said with a frightened look on his face, his voice cracking with fear. "We have a car out of control here sir! "Josh says as he weaves in and around the cars in front of him." Do not worry, Josh will save us! It is a great driver! "Bobby he shouts.

The streets are wizzing for now .. 128th, 126th, 124th .. Picking up speed as the head down the hill. Josh has an idea and shouts over his shoulder – "When I say 'Go', you read right as hard as you can!". He hears a round according to their backs as their speed and guesstimates prepares for the return. Ready 115th 110th … … "Vamos!" 108 … … 102nd "GO!"

He jerks the wheel hard to the All right, then lean into the turn. Just take the curve, the rear wheels slipping slightly, Josh straightens the car and heads down the street. The balloon follows them, bending across the corner to collect more debris as it goes – newspapers, water hoses, mail boxes …

Raises a nasty feeling in the stomach Josh realizing that he has made a bad decision. They now go up a steep hill, heading towards the main road! This is also a good thing as on the other side Main Street is going uphill – this should be sufficient to enable them down and stop this crazy car – if they do so through the main street traffic!

The streets are so fast now, Josh can not read the names and concentrated on cars that are missing in its path. Children shriek behind him with a mixture of fear and joy as they pass each vehicle, right on some items like Josh has to cross the line to get around the cars that passed her way. More later saw a big sister to her little brother walking on the street. They see the car coming at them and try to run off the road. The wrong way – Josh tries to avoid them by going in the same direction – Bam! Bap! Both fly through the air, the older sister grabbing his brother in the air and the two land in the rear of the car. "What is going on? "She screams as her brother begins to mourn.

Bobby yells over his shoulder, "We lost our brakes, but do not worry!" so as the guys behind the campaign is Josh "Josh is a great driver!"

The light from the main street coming up now. Josh is thinking green Turn! Turn green! "As more and more. The ball is falling a bit behind it is now the size of court, getting the boxes to the city of mail, small trees and bushes, and others to follow in the street.

The light is not cooperating … as they approach the same, it stays red and Josh yells "Wait." He sees a small space in the car and goes to her, still gaining speed. Children begin to cry as they realize the cars are getting closer. Josh turn the wheel slightly and slips easily through the hole, avoiding a serious accident.

They are heading up the hill and now feel that their decline speed. "He did it! We're fine! The trip finally over!" Children begin to laugh and enjoy your trip again. Josh breathing a sigh of relief realizing the problem is about to fix.

Ash, maple, larch, street signs are readable again. Birch, pine, elm … The approach to the top Hill now. Josh is thinking it might be a good idea to turn on the top of the hill, because they go too fast so that only the hill to stop them. Yells behind him again for the group to draw on the turn. 3 … 2 … 1 … GO! A moment before he becomes however, sees a car coming towards them! Yells "LEFT!, Left!" As the wheel pulls to the left and make the turn on 2 wheels, just keeping the car on the road in the process. He yells back of them, "Is everyone okay?" There is a chorus of "Yepsen" and "Yes" – the listener's ear to whisper Bobby – "Josh – this is the Dead Man's Hill! The road ends at the bottom! "

They are now gaining speed again as the slope of this hill is far superior to the other street where they were. He can see the bottom of the hill, not far ahead, and the road to the bottom of the hill on the creation of a "T" at the bottom. Only one thing left to try – "Ok guys … one last time! When I say Go, lean left, but this time, put both feet down as well, I I'll try a power button to stop us "Everyone agrees, and Josh is preparing for the return.

"Ready, Set, GO!" They dig their feet on the pavement as Josh turns the wheel left and the car begins to slide sideways on the hill. Their shoes are the snuff and leaving small pieces rubber on the ground and all scream. The car is slowing quickly and glides to a stop at the bottom of the hill in the middle of the cross street. Still crying, stops all at once. Realizing his "joy ride" is more than open their eyes and their cries of using fear to the cries of joy. All the bike jump and start by thanking Josh. The eldest daughter gets up, embraces him and plants a kiss on the cheek. When she puts the others are cheering and pats on the back. Josh yells "A time! Silence! "

He feels the ground shaking slightly and heard a rumor that is growing stronger. At that time, the sun is darkened and the stands in the shade. Josh is seen on the hill. "Oh No!" He says that he sees as the ball.

It has become enormous, cars, people, everything that was not nailed it sticks to the surface of this ball – and comes directly from them! Think fast – "How are we going to stop?". As it approaches, yells at everyone, "RUN!" And they all begin to disperse. He grabs his car and trying to get out of the way, but realizes that one of the wheels came loose!

He bends to retrieve the wheel and begins to push the car off the road when the ball is about to hit him. He turns his head and was surprised by the size of the ball and the deep rumble of it when you hear "Josh!" It's dinnertime! ".

"OK Mom!"

He gets off of his car and survey the room to find his baseball cap. He grabs the top of the bed and puts on his bald head. He looks at the car and think "You and I will end this afternoon! ". Imagine the tin can car lights winked at him when he leaves the room while she went to the kitchen. He walks slowly around the house feeling the weakness seized him once again closer to the kitchen. He can smell the Mac and Cheese – Your favorite. Her mother tells Susie "I would like that would not let him get carried away like that. "

"Mom has leukemia … allowed to play the way he wants! A long as he does not get tired much, will be fine. .

"I suppose – I just wish I had a slower pace at times. "

"How I can take it easy? "Think …" I have a race to win! "

About the Author

Don Willson is, 53-years old and living in Richmond, Virginia. Not new to writing, he is often been told (I know everybody gets this) that he should try getting some of his work published.

Of all the things I’ve lost in life I miss my mind the most!

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