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Cameras today are a streamlined version of their forerunners. Cameras of yesterday were large and clunky. Cameras now can be so small you can fit them on your keychain. Many wonder if you can get good quality in such a Small Camera, and the answer is yes. Here are a few of the best compact Digital Camera choices.

Canon Powershot A720

This is one of the best compact Digital Cameras and scores a five out of five stars in user ratings. Loaded with features it has 6x optical zoom and 4x Digital Zoom. It has 8 megapixels that allow you to print great pictures as large as 11 x 14. It has a 2.5 color LCD so that you can view your photos right away. The optical image stabilizer reduces hand shake and the face detection feature helps you get the perfect shot each time. It has several focus modes that lets you focus on objects as close as .39 of an inch! It is PictBridge compatible so that you can print your pictures without using your computer. It has 8 white balance modes and 19 shooting modes, as well as 4 different movie modes. You have the option of using SD or MMC cards to store your images. Overall, this is a great Compact Camera with tons of great features. It is a great deal for only around $230.

HP Photosmart R847V

Another one of the best Compact Digital Cameras out there is the HP Photosmart R847V. It also gets five out of five stars. It boasts 8 megapixels for great resolution and has an anti shake feature so your pictures are not blurry. It has a Fujinon lens that gives you 3x optical zoom and 8x digital zoom. For a Compact Digital Camera it gives you a huge 3 color LCD screen. It is also PictBridge compatible and allows you to focus as close as .10 of an inch. It has 13 different picture modes as well as a movie mode. You have the option of using SD or SDHC memory cards. It has a great in-camera editing program so that you can enhance your pictures right on the camera. What makes this one of the best compact digital cameras is not only the amazing features, but also the amazing price. This great camera costs only around $150.

Xias DCS760

This camera is made by Norcent and is rated very highly as one of the best compact digital cameras. Users give this camera five out of five stars. It has a beautiful sleek design and offers 7 megapixels for high resolution. There is 3x optical zoom and 4x digital zoom. The 2.5 color LCD lets you see all those great pictures immediately. It has 15 picture taking modes as well as a movie mode for greater versatility. It also has sound and a built in flash. An added bonus is that it comes with a case, a Hand Strap, and USB cables. This great compact digital camera is listed at $200.

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