Compact Flash Adapter

Compact Flash Adapter

Canon Sd1200Is – Nice Compact Camera

I am very pleased with the camera. It takes a great well-exposed, sharp pictures and is very compact, is about the size of a 7 / 8 "thick card credit and has a good body of solid metal feel to it. I use it as a second camera when I do not want to carry around my bulky Digital Slr. Viewer Optical is a nice feature. Canon seems to be one of the only brands to do even subcompact / compact cameras with an optical viewfinder. It saves battery life and people who inject LCD function turned off Canon claims that you can get around 700 rounds, more than double if you use the LCD viewfinder is display.The a good option in the sunlight when the LCD is hard to see or if the juice runs low without a spare. You can always review your photos on the LCD screen press a button if you have turned off automatic review.

To load images, you can simply plug and play with Windows XP. Using Windows XP no no need to download any of the Canon software (including ZoomBrowser EX) if you have the basic photo editing programs. The package gives only supplied Canon the basic functions of photo editing and Canon Factory film is more or less the same as XP Movie Maker 2. After seeing what the Canon software I quickly uninstalled and started what XP and my photo editing program there. The camera is connected, turn it on and follow the XP Camera Wizard.

Same with the movie files. The video function is very nice and has nice pictures. In the best quality (640×380) 30 frames per second, you can get up to 32 minutes in a 4 GB card. Digital Zoom, optical works in movie mode for whatever the focal length starts with that is more or less established. Zoom digital image only increases digitally to enhance the quality will disappear. Not bad considering the small size and comfort of the camera. With cable RCA ends in the supplied adapter to connect the camera to your TV and view photos or movies. If you have a DVD recorder can record your movies directly to DVD, only remember to press the Display button to turn off the overlay display time information about the camera or record will also!

Another note, I had a hard time getting the AF Assist Beam to turn off. I wanted the little light that helps you to stay out of focus at all times. I found the function off the menu but kept shooting. I discovered that in the flash menu you have to turn off the red eye of the lamp as well. That keeps the light off forever.

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