Compact Leather Case

Compact Leather Case

Vantaggio leather products

Elegant Vantaggio leather goods count among the best products on the market. The Italian leather is the change of colors Italy and has a slight glaze. At first glance, you realize the beauty of the skin and the finest quality and workmanship. One of the best known products by Vantaggio is their set of six pieces stylish desk. This grace of the finest wooden table and be the focal point of the office. This is a 20 "x 34" blotter with side panels to put the notes and important messages, a pen or pencil case, a business card holder, note paper box, a tray of correspondence, and support for pocket pencil post-it notes and an elegant gold pen. This is the perfect accent to a home or business office. There's nothing that shouts professionalism as a game While desktop. A hand pillow cover is available is the same "Castagna" burnished cognac leather. This can be kept on the desktop for business notes, or placed inside your briefcase to carry to meetings. There is no interior space for business cards, a pen and a large side pocket to store papers and important notes. These are available in traditional 10 "x 13" size or junior size 6 "x 9 '. A business card organizer also available on this leather. This is the cards other people in a style book organizer on hand. All these products can take the monogram for personalization. The pad covers are popular corporate gifts and can have a company name or logo also embossed on the skin. These cases are so elegant they are always well received and loved by the recipients.

His briefcase line is unsurpassed in the market prices. They make traditional briefcases too. They have merged in the corners for long wear and looks great. They also make a modern looking case with the French border. All cases have been added brass combination locks. These will keep your valuables safely and keep things safe from prying eyes. There is a five-pocket organizer inside, and pockets for pens, business cards and PDA. Everything is kept comfortably in place. In addition to the kits, which have the traditional lawyers brief. These have multiple pockets inside, lock brass combination lock and a shoulder comfortable leather Hand Strap. Inside zip pocket, pen loops, business card pockets, and space for your Cell Phone and PDA case. This leather tipped organizer to keep everything in place. The lawyer also brief slip rear pocket for light luggage. This rolls through airports and bus terminals and train convenient and easy. The case will remain securely in the top of the carry-through slip pull-up handle with ease.

Handbags are available in all styles to please the most demanding men. They have the traditional wallet with flap additional identification, or the latest style of additional page. These meet all the cards and receipts men carry. The portfolios have extra stitching and leather lining to last many years. They also have the coin pocket style, and the hipster. These fit in the pocket of his jacket pocket of a man or rear and can accommodate a large number of credit cards. Vantaggio also has the single money clip and wallet pocket bill to clip. Both styles fit comfortably in the bills before the holding pocket and identification cards and some very compact. These are especially hard to pickpocket. When traveling abroad, has a support Vantaggio passport back pocket and the combination of the portfolio. In addition to their luggage off, this will be your most important journey partner. It held the money, your passport, your driver's license photo ID and credit cards in one compact chassis that fits in back pocket of a man.

The Vantaggio leather tie case will undoubtedly be the most popular travel accessories. It holds up to eight loops in a thin case, and ties come in perfect condition. Wrinkle-free, and the Leather Case takes up very little space in your luggage. They also have the most wonderful travel wallets available. These will hold all of your important documents in a convenient organizer. You can keep your passport, travel itinerary, the baggage claim ticket, boarding pass, cards customer loyalty, and other important papers in this case one. It is available with a tab closure or zipper. Both styles have the boarding pass pocket outside the loading speed. Last but not least, Vantaggio makes a photo on hand. It can take photos of your family with you at all times and even show photos from your last vacation.

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