Compact Leather

Compact Leather
Mazda3s GT vs. Civic EX-L?

I’m considering either a Mazda3s GT or the Civic couple EX-L.

I don’t race and have no intention of ever modding the car in any way whatsoever. I just want a good compact car with leather that looks nice.

With similar options, the cars are close enough in price for that not to be the issue…within $700 going by sticker.

Which car do you think is more reliable and better quality? Mazda has 37 more hp, but the Civic I think looks slightly nicer.

Honda will last you forever, but the Mazda is sportier and more fun to drive. If you aren’t interested in performance, then go with the Honda. The Mazda will be great for the first 3 or 4 years but will become a headache quickly after. Gas mileage is about equal, but the Honda will be cheaper to insure and maintain. The Civic will also resale better than the Mazda.

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