Control Canon Rebel

Control Canon Rebel
Should I buy the Nikon D90?

This will be my first Digital Slr. I currently have a point and shoot and have been wanting to advance myself in my photography and have greater control of my photos. I am mainly taking pictures of my daughter and our baby (due in March), hiking in the outdoors, would like to eventually get into taking pictures of wildlife, etc. So basically, everything! lol! My question I guess really is, is it worth it to spend the extra money and have the video option (which I use quite a bit for short clips of my daughter), or should I go with something like the Nikon D80 or Canon Rebel XSi and invest in a Video Camera as well? I like the idea of not having to pack two cameras around. Thanks for your help!

Even D80 is too much for what you describe.
Get D60 or D40, invest in a good lens and get a camcorder.

D90 is really a bridge camera between entry level and full blown professional. You only need it if you’re shooting on pro level or close. Event photography, serious sports photography, journalism, etc. It has lots of extra control buttons, but most of the things they control can also be controlled on less expensive models – through the menus. So, unless you are expecting to find yourself in situation when you need to quickly adjust ISO, white balance and something else too often (which pro photographer may experience a few times per day, as when wedding proceeded from outside into darker hall) – you really can live without all of that.

As for video clips – remember they will eat up your memory card in a blink of an eye, plus big bulky Slr Camera is really not the thing you want to hold at your extended hands for a long time (you have to use LCD for that). So both video and live view have limited use on Slr Cameras.

Instead, invest in a good lens – remember, that lens is a more long term investment than a camera. Your camera body will become obsolete in a few years with technology advances, your lens will not. You will get a new body, mount your old lens on it and go. Besides, lens is one of the most important parts of a camera system. Because even the most advanced camera will only capture an image as good as the lens projects on its sensor. Not a bit better.

So choice is really yours, but if video option is the only thing you consider D90 for, skip it. That’s my advice, but of course it’s your money and your camera, so you make the final call.


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