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Canon 550D Review

The latest innovation from our friends is the Canon 550D "> Canon 550D, a new rupture surface addition to the EOS range infamous, an acclaimed series of professional cameras that have received a large number of photographic awards from around the world. Canon has re-covered significant ground in their quest to bridge the gap between professional and amateur photography. The Canon 550D is especially unique because it incorporates the sheer power of professional photographic technology in a more compact, lightweight body for consumer preference.

With the 550D, Canon has developed both basic and Advanced DSLR into a single package. The interface is very easy to use and convenience is incomparable. entry-level users will have no problem at all capture images amazing with the basic setup. The included Eye-Fi is a nice little addition that allows users to transfer your images via a wireless connection, there is also an HDMI port supports Hi-Def Multimedia Interface that enables images and video stored on the 550D to be seen in high-definition TVs and the TV remote control through … Not bad for a camera, eh?

For photography of arms Hence, we will delve into the specifications of the Canon 550D. At first glance, many photographers 550D identify with his father, the EOS 7D, rightly so, because many of the characteristics that the 550D is very similar. There are many discernible differences that divide the two models – in particular price points – but if you had to compare the two side by side would have to be very challenging to select a winner. That's why we love the Canon 550D, but incorporates a technology much of its 7D father we're all fans, and almost half the price.

The newly created 18 Megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor and Canon's DIGIC 4 Processor Advanced images enables photo enthusiasts to push their creative limits. The sensor compatible with the ISO 100-6400 standard configuration, maximizing 12800, with sophisticated noise reduction in camera that dramatically improves picture quality in low light. Complete with image processing 14-bit, The screen colors are more natural, both on screen and in print. Another feature Canon 550D camera that has inherited her father is the support for high speed Continuous shooting up to 3.7 frames per second … Not exactly a "pocket" rockets, but this is extremely fast for its size! The 550D was also chance of inheriting the measurement of the 7D is iFCL system, an incredible 63-layer, dual-zone metering sensor that focus the analysis, the color information and luminance for accurate measurement of the image. If you are careful with the exposure settings, not because the 550D allows exposure compensation and brackets establish more or less than five years and two stops allowing you to diversify their exposure image shot with a number of differently exposed, even in difficult lighting conditions to ensure that you have captured the desired image.

The physical construction of the Canon 550D is composed of a 7.7cm LCD screen with a resolution of 1040k, so you can see your image clearly and without borders. Canon has really thought it through with a reflective coating, water Shielded from the screen that lets you check your work in almost any condition.

In our opinion, the Canon 550D performance exceeds expectations and is a great buy for their skills. Although the price is a bit steeper than most entry-level SLR, the 550D is really in a league of its own, and which has the strengths of their parents work and makes these features accessible to entry-level photographers. For advanced photographers, call the 550D a microcosmic version the 7D … And at half price, how can you ignore it!?

The verdict …? The Canon 550D is definitely a must-buy!

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