Cover Canon Eos

Cover Canon Eos
what is the difference between sRGB and Adobe RGB Profiles (on Canon Eos 5D with 580 EX2 Flash)?

I cover wedding and seminar gatherings. Printing is done by Fuji Frontier Lab. I do not get good results (matchable to 35mm negative film).
Another big problem is what to do if white covers major portion of frame? the camera automatically gives under-exposed result. I put WB to Flash and generally use f/5.6-8 and Shutter Speed of 1/125 sec.

exposure problems! that flash is GN58 if you use it on full iso100 @ 5.6 perfect illumination is at 11meters

GN devided by Fstop = meters

its not a white balance issue – they cause colour casts

turn down the falsh output or difuse it

i would put two layers grease proof paper over the filament reducing the GN to 14 (each layer halfs output)

then the equation is at 100iso

GN14 / 5.6 = 2.5meters (or 6 feet – photography is meteric)

if you want to get your whites perfect so the details and texture of the lace on the brides dress is well exposed learn flash and exposure

MAYBE IVE MISS READ YOU, how close are you to the subjects, sounds like your using auto if your getting underexposure? the camera does that as you say if you shot on auto otherwise your doing it, whats the flash set to?

i had assumed at first you were shooting all manual now i cant tell

EDIT: four weeks ago (your questions) you were a learning now your doing weddings mainly and seminars? all i can say is (after rereading your question) shoting on auto with no exposure or flash knowledge of course your having problems

i was a learner for years and still am, the more i learn the more i learn there is more to learn

What are the distances Ftops Iso your working with then id try a better way to answer

Canon EOS 40D movie mode