Cover Screen Protector

Cover Screen Protector
i need env touch phone cases and screen protector help?

i was wondering what were some good cheap hard plastic or soft touch plastic cases and some screen protectors for the env touch
ive oly recently only had the env touch for a week since the 15th of june and my touch screen screen cover was coming off and it looked ugly so i just took it off

alright,, this is what i did cause i also have the env touch and i also needed a case but didnt want to pay alot at verizon–
go to ebay and type in env touch case
then just narrow down the results whether you want a Hard Case or a soft rubber case or whatever.
i also found that the battery on my phone wasnt the best so i also wanted a phone charger for the car but didnt want to pay alot once again so i bought a package thing with a car charger case and screen protectors for 8.95 with free shipping

how to apply screen protector onto iphone/ 3G/3GS