Coworker Wireless Remote

Coworker Wireless Remote
Small Biz, needs to share files between 4 coworkers?

We are all running laptops or the few desktops that are left are hooked into the modem, we have wireless internet and printers here.
I am non tech savvy, how do I go about setting up something that we can all share files on?
Maybe a way to do this from remote locations as well would be good but at this point not really needed.

Hey dmac-electric-
Depending on the types of files you are trying to share, you can create an Office Live Workspace and set the permission to allow the 4 of you access the files you save to the Workspace. This will allow the four of you to view and share files and even make changes to them. The version tracking feature makes it easy to go back to previous versions if you need to as well. It is probably the easiest solution for what you are trying to do.
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