Crown Flower Shape

Crown Flower Shape
Did music ideas/songs for a 3rd olds b-day princess party?

I need ideas and song titles for my daughters 3rd b-day. (Princess theme) I have rented a hall and am decorating it like a ball room, should I play ball room music or play music that girls like. (like girls just want to have fun, thats the only song I can think of) Would love more food ideas too. So far I am know I am going to make sandwich in shapes of purses, crowns, dress, glass slipper, etc. and am going to make some kind of pasta with shaped pasta, (crowns, purses, cell phones, hearts) But what else, there are going to be adults at this party too, so I would like more food! No Achol. Also if anyone has a good recipes for easy punch, I would love to know it! I am planning to make punch in a big punch bowl and then add frozen juice in shapes of roses and other flowers! Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated! I need ideas for music/song titles, food, and punch!! Thank you

Too many ideas to answer………but you are an awesome mom!!!! I will sooo do something like that when my girl is old enough!!

Edit: just noticed your name……lol…..

Silent Hill 3 OST Track 21 Flower Crown Of Poppy