Cybershot Digital Still

Cybershot Digital Still
DSC-W55 sony Digital Camera question?

I have the DSC-W55 Cybershot Digital camera from sony and i love it but the button that u click to review doesnt work anymore so i can not review my pics and this is a problem so i am returning it but i just got back from vacation and it just stopped working properly but i still want all my pics. i need to upload them on my pc and i have no clue how…does any1 know how to do this with a memory stick cuz im use to just sticking the memory card in my printer. wat to do???

Get a reader, these are very cheap and can be found in any store like Target, Circuit City, etc.

Usually they’re designed to read a bunch of different formats like SD, CF and Memory Stick. So they usually have a name like “6-in-1 reader” or “11-in-1” etc. If you have a chance to ask a human, just ask for a card reader and show them your memory stick.

It’s USB and requires no drivers (so if it comes with a CD don’t use it!)

Just insert your memory stick into your reader, and plug that USB cord from the reader into your computer.

Open up My Computer (or if you’re using a Mac the drive just pops up on your desktop automatically)

You’ll see an extra drive in there, open it up, it will probably have a DCIM folder. Whatever you find, drag it to a new folder you make on your desktop. All done! When finished copying just pull the usb plug out of the computer and the drive disappears. Now check the files you copied and make sure they open still without the card, this makes sure you didn’t mess up.

Assuming there are no photos on the card you wouldn’t want people so see, now return your camera. If there are private photos, put the card back in and erase the files from the drive that re-appears.

PS: If you have a choice when you exchange it, i would recommend considering a Canon Camera. Mine’s been perfect for 2 years now with no problems. Very well made.

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