Delkin Snug

Do Delkin Snug-It Pro covers for DSLR cameras quiet the mirror/shutter noise at all?

I have a Canon XSi, and the chirping noise (I’m not sure if it’s the shutter or the mirror) often discourages me from using it in quiet settings. I’ve been thinking about trying a Delkin Snug-It cover, but was hoping for some insight from someone who has used the Delkin covers in the past.

Not really. For that you’d want a “sound blimp”.
Here’s one:
And here’s a DIY solution:

Nice & quiet. If your aim is to blend in, however, they may not be the solution you’re looking for 😉

That leaves digital point & shoots, including advanced stuff such as the new Olympus E-P1: and old fashioned 35mm rangefinder cameras. Unobtrusive and silent is what Leica M cameras were/ are all about. Or for a fraction of the price you could visit eBay and pick up something like a Canonet QL17 G3, a Yashica Electro… here’s a list of the more desirable models: and for under $20 you can probably find something at the nearest garage sale.

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