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Are you excited for the new Tokio Hotel album?

I am!
They said they are trying a lot of different things. I am so nervous and eager to listen to it though! I love them 🙂

The new single is out in February. I heard it’s ‘Final Day’ but I don’t think that is right because it will come off the new album most likely.

If you want a preview of one of the new songs, Bill sings a bit on the DVD 2 of the Deluxe Version of Tokio Hotel: Caught on Camera!

i’m super excited 4 their new album, i can hardly wait…..i really wanna know how the songs r going 2 be and if they r going 2 be as good as their first cds, and if the lyrics r also very power full……i really want it 2 come out already.
oh and final day can’t be the single, cause that’s on the scream album.

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