Deluxe Leather Case

Deluxe Leather Case
How Many Here Think Pancha’s Race Card Has Expired And She Needs The New Deluxe Model With The Extra Features

Time and time Pancha whips her race card out to defend illegals,isn’t it getting old?that race card is expired just like old milk,now she should get the new and improved DELUXE MODEL that comes with it’s own leather Carrying Case,fully laminated glows in the dark and is now the standard issue for every illegal crossing the border,it also comes with it’s own stolen social security card,and if you order it right away,the mexican government will include a map of places to cross and a photo of Vicente Fox waving goodby from the mexican side

She tries hard to talk her opinion-almost to where you wonder if she is listening at all. She stubbornly refuses to see the issues . And everyone knows where she stands. Her philosophy need help and she doesn’t have full scope of things. If she would see and hear the issues and face them instead of denying -we would accept her more. She likes the people and that is fine-but she is letting that emotions rule over common sense of what this country is able to do. And what it can not do-because of cost and injury to others.

If she came out of that one dimension world-and entered the real world-she would see the problems and take her stubborn bull-dog ways and work on what is fair to all-not just her friends she could do much better.

She is in la la land. Where nothing has or will change. And everything is fine. And no one is or will be hurt. She needs to leave Oz and live reality.

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