Density Filter Lens

Density Filter Lens
would a Neutral Density Filter help me here?

I saw a nice babbling brook the other day….

I was trying to get a shot of the water so it had the nice smokey feel you see in these types of shots…

set ISO to 100 and started lowering my shutter speed…..I figured about 2 seconds would give me what I needed, BUT…

As I was setting my shutter speed, I noticed a strange thing….when my shutter got down to about 1/15th, my aperture was showing f22…..the smallest aperture for this lens. Of course that meant I couldn’t reduce my shutter speed to the 2 seconds I wanted.

I’m thinking if I had a nice neutral density filter with me I would have been able to achieve my objective…..since a 4 stop filter would have resulted in only about f8 at 1/15th…giving me lots of room to keep lowering my shutter speed.

Is my thinking correct here, or would another technique be more suitable.

What are common strenghts of neutral density filters?

Your thinking is correct, You need to reduce the amount of light reaching the film/sensor so that the exposure time will increase and that is basically what a nd filter is for.

As with everything, it is always better to buy good quality as they will be better overall and last longer.

Canon HG10 – Lens test (UV, Star-point, Neutral Density, Close-up)