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How to wirelessly convey video from my camcorder to a TV approaching live TV.?
i’m recording a b-day get-together and my aunt wonts me get the guest a they arrive.

I am have Sony Camcorder Dcr DVD 610E. the still portrait part is poor. how to rearrange mention the settings
680×400 resolution is too less for the still depiction, how to improve the resolution. Indicate the requisite settings.

I am looking for a camcorder beside a scene finder not merely the LCD display, and library to a memory stick?
For some reason topical camcorders no longer have estimation finders. This is a problem as when I am on vacation within WDW they don’t want you to use the LCD display in like mad of the attractions because of the lighting.

I am looking to purchase a dvd recorder. i am on a budget so no costly top of the stock stuff for me.?
what i need it to do is story my Digital Camcorder tapes onto disc and i also hold loads of vhs home videos i want to put onto disc so i will want one of those vhs/dvd dual machines. any advice on best ones around to do the living would be much appreciated. by the way not technically minded so the simpler the better.

I am thinking of buying a DVC Digital Camcorder; which is a camcorder, Digital Camera, PC Cam, & MP3?
Also has 12 megapixel, 1.6’flip out color LCS blind, built in speaker/microphone, 32 MC memory stores up to 320 still iamges/10 minutes video, 4X ditial zoom, and self timer…purchase price $149.95. Is this a right buy?

I bought a Sony Hdr-SR7 videocam, a harddisk videocam how can i convert the files into dvd format?
the extension file is MTS, thats why i cant play contained by my computer and cannot burn also into dvd format.. what should I do??

I call for give a hand beside youtube?
I’m on youtube and I was wondering following: where on earth do you get movie clips, songs to use beside the movie clips, which free movie editor is the best one to use,and how do you load video from your digital camera to your computer.

I can’t play my video on Windows MOVIE Maker. An error messages comes up.?
Okay, so whenever I go to play the video on the movie initiator a message comes up that says ‘Class not registered.’ Is here any way to prevents this, so I can play the video?

I dont know how to hook up my Sony Handycam DCR-HC62 into the computer?
like i know how to put surrounded by the USB and stuff. But how do i get it to certainly work. Like is there a place surrounded by the menu that says mass storage or something? i own installed all software and everything. Please relief

I dont know much roughly speaking camcorders?
I want one that when I plug it in to iMovie I dont hold to use the blue screen (like my one near the tape now) but instead it have to clips split up where i record on my camera. is this a hard drive one?

I enjoy a Canon camcorder near “Zoombrowser EX” and i want to upload the movies?
okay so basically it’s a Canon Digital Video Camcorder, next to Digital Camera solution disk and Digital Video solution disk, and I want to be able to put the movies from the ‘corder onto my computer, so I can approaching edit them and y’know delete stuff from the cartridge etc. etc., but all in attendance is related to movies is “MovieEdit Task” and i dunno what the heck I’m supposed to do with that. can anyone lend a hand meh? if you need more details ask

I enjoy a jvc digital camra?
model no. GR-D250U And i have no hypothesis how to record on it! When i put a spanking new tape within it all it say is pause. I don’t know how to take it from pause to dictation! Can someone help! Thanks

I enjoy a JVC camcorder, and adjectives the sudden it stopped working…?
Like I said in the Title, my camcorder stopped working, when I turn it on, adjectives that appears is black and white in which is standard lamp sensitive… Example: if I turn it to the window, it will turn white and the contrasting fir dark spaces… Please relief me on this I live in pennsylvania and describe me like a place that I could go and get it fixed, or should I just buy another one..? Thanks.

I enjoy a jvc min dv camcorder.?
I have a jvc mini dv camcorder can i connect it to my workstation and import my video?even though the recording is on the quality well brought-up quality on mini dv?can i reuse the tape?can i record over older recording or do i hold to buy new ones?Thank you adjectives.

I enjoy a panasonic Video Camera next to video demo (not cd). How do I tranfer the recordings to my HP VISTA?
desk top computer?

I enjoy a samsung camera and i delete a video of by stroke of luck. does any one know where on earth i can take a free?
download to get stern my video which will also let me rescue the video for free as well. i own downloaded aload which allows me to get pay for my video but i have to discharge to save it 😐 thank youuuuu

I enjoy a Sony Dsc T70 and I can’t amount out how to set it to black and white?
I am not sure if it even has black and white ability but would really appreciate any advice!

I have need of a natural cam download site?
I need the site where on earth i can download the program so i can hook up the web cam for it to work because the disc won’t nouns in the tower.

I have need of lend a hand buying a unusual video camera.?
I would like a video camera a short time ago to take some simple home movies. I do not want to spend much money, but I want something fully clad. What is the best way to turn? Digital? DVD? Flash memory? Please help!!

I hold a panasonic camcorder model:pv-gs35, whats the quickest means of access for me to download video to my computer?
I lost the drive installation disk, and i’ve only uploaded video to my computer with my digital camera suing an sd card so i hold no idea how to beside a camcorder.

I hold a Sony DCR-PC55E PAL Handycam. What type of i.Link cable do i entail to connect to PC?
I was told I have need of it to connect to my PC that uses Windows Vista. I do not know if I need 4 pin or six pin or nine pin i.Link Cable.

I hold a unknown sony hc9e and final cut express but final cut doesn’t recognise the camera- any planning?
It’s not the cable as I can import from the camera to imovie. I’m at a loss!

I hold an AIPTEK digital vedeo do I create a cd. that plays the video, as of in a minute, it will simply?
it to make a nouns cd thing. what do i own to do differently..Windows media player is what comes up for me to copy onto disc near, but its only the dang nouns, no picture.HELP please!

I hold an unknown wallet type MTS for my camcorder, and i cant initiate the report. WHY?
when i connect my camcorder. it doesnt work. The file is an unknown report type, and it doesnt open a video. How do i fix this problem and what should i do?

I inevitability backing capture footage..?
i need to seizure my footage on to my moms macbook from a video camcorder i rented from my school its a canon mini DV ZR600 yeah it come with a USB cord but i stipulation a firewire cord its so stupid that it doesn’t come with one and i dunno if i can rent one from conservatory because my mom wont let me embezzle her macbook to school and i really do not want to pay packet $30 sum dollars to buy one … any ideas?

I inevitability to examine a mini dv cassette but i enjoy no digital camera for it?
i have these panasonic dvc mini dv dvm80 tape i need to see. I dont have the camera for these tape so does that mean i enjoy to buy another camera? Or is there another process to watch and verbs these tapes to the workstation (like a mini-vcr or Thanks in Advanced to adjectives… you guys are really dependable I love you….haha no not really

I involve proposal…in the order of Dvd camcorders?
…I am looking to buy Dvd camcorder, should I buy a camcorder that uses full size discs or should I go for mini-discs …what are the principal differences…what sort of things should I be looking for…?

I just this minute bought a sony gc1 net-sharing cam andi cant repress my video near movie designer?
it keeps proverb this : The file C:UsersuserVideosNew FolderM4V00232.MP4 cannot be import because the codec required to play the file is not installed on your computer. If you hold already tried to download and install the codec, close and restart Windows Movie Maker, and then try to introduction the file again. does anyone kno whow i can stifle my videos

I lost my setup disc for my notebook camera,it,s a labtec and the p/n is861199-0000 and the pid isce64601?
ive got it connected to the usb port,ive searcd the network but got no cheeriness,could you help me install my notebook camera

I made a soundtrack beside a Sony Handycam Dcr-DVD610 and I can’t capture the video on my computer! Please serve!!
I made the video with my friend’s camera (he’s out of town). I plugged it into my computer (HP Pavilion) and zilch happened. I go to Sony’s website to get the drivers I needed but they said they weren’t available. After a bit of probing I discovered a how-to on saving the movie onto my comp. straight from the mini-dvd itself, so I finalized the DVD (although it is RW) and tried to pick up it. What I ended up beside was three files: VR_manger.bup, VR_manager.ifo, and VR_movie (VRO file). I can’t play any of these, and I really inevitability to edit them (with window’s medium player) which won’t import them. I own tried changing the folder names to .mpg, but lone get fragmented pieces of the video, and it still won’t introduction into WMM. I really need to amount this out very soon, please backing in any bearing you can!

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