Digital Camera Assorted

Digital Camera Assorted
How many cameras can I take back to Australia with me without incurring duty?

I’ve been living in South Korea for the last 2.5 years and during that time, I have acquired/accumulated six cameras and assorted lenses. One camera is digital (Nikon D200) which I purchased more than one year ago. The other 5 are older nikon film cameras (like about 20 years or more. Eg, F3, F3HP, FE, FM2 x 2. I’m going back to Australia soon and must take them with me. Can anyone tell me what (if any) is the limit to the number of cameras I can take back to Australia without having to pay duty on them? This is all used camera equipment and my personal collection. Many thanks in advance for your info/input. Cheers

My boyfriend works for the airlines so he knows alot about travel- he said you’ll be fine, no worries. But just to be sure I would contact the customs in Aulstralia at the airport just incase there are some hidden duty charges. Call the Operator of the airport and she/he will direct you!

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