Digital Camera Mpeg

Digital Camera Mpeg
Store and watch video files on my digital Video Camera?

I have a Sony Handycam with HDD. I know how to take videos off and put them on, but I can not watch any videos that were not recorded elsewhere.( Like ones I downloaded off the internet) The files that were recorded with the camera are “Movie Clips”. The type that I want to put on the camera and watch on it’s screen are “WMA” or “MPEG”.

If anyone knows how I can do this I’d REALY appreciate the help. Thanks!

I believe that the camcorder can only playback videos that it records – you can not playback other types of videos clips.

The videos that are recorded by the camcorder is in mpeg2 format – at the very least, the downloaded videos that you’re trying to playback should also be in mpeg2 format.