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Digital Camera Photo

Rescue Digital Camera Photo

Rescue Digital Camera Photo

Viernes, 04 de septiembre 2009 is one of the reputable web site that provides software for personal and commercial use in the field of diverse application areas including digital restoration image camera. This website and appreciated worldwide because of the result-oriented services offered by us. We are committed to delivering affordable and easy to use and products quality to fully satisfy customer needs.

Sometimes data loss occurs when: –

* Someone accidentally deleted data

* Someone has the format of the camera by mistake

* There is a certain type of virus attacks

* The data is corrupt or damaged.

* The memory card being pulled out when the camera is on. offers a solution to recover deleted data or damaged including photos, images, videos and audios and videos easily and efficiently. Because of its low price and excellent sales worldwide attention digital camera customer data recovery software has become popular in the international market.

Therefore, do not worry if you lose your data valuable and sensitive, images, video collection. All you need is a digital camera data recovery tool so you can restore all missing and the formatted data back into the memory card.

Software Features:

* Recover deleted digital images photo lost photos of all the major digital camera storage.

* Support recovery even when the removal accidental memory card from the device camera operation.

* Easily support all major file system, such as jpg, jpeg, gif, mpeg, riff, tiff and brands including Canon, Nikon, Kodak, Toshiba, Samsung, Hitachi, Fuji Film, Sony and other manufactures.

* Easy and safe usefulness of using non-destructive recovery.

* Image restoration utility requires a Pentium processor with RAM (128 MB recommended) 24 MB free disk space (for installation).

* The photo rescue application supports all Windows operating system like 98, 2000, XP, NT, Vista, etc.

Software Price:

Digital Camera Photo Rescue of the software available at the best reasonable price only $ 69 USD (Rs 3353 approx) version.

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