Digital Camera Replacement

Digital Camera Replacement
replacement battery for vivitar 6330s Digital Camera needed.?

i have looked on numerous websites, but it seems nearly impossible to find. i even checked the website of the battery manufacturer, amperex technology, but there is no trace of it. could someone please help? and i would prefer reputable websites within the uk. thanks in advance

Wow, your right that is a tough one. Im in the business and tried some of my sources and they all said N/A (not available)
SOMEBODY, somewhere has what you need, and probably is dying to sell it at a liquidated price. Find out what the battery # is off the old battery (if you have it) and try searching on ebay.
Good Luck!

PS… I found a seller on Ebay who has a camera with a battery in it for sale…maybe he can look at the battery number for you before he sells it, try sending him an email:
Auction #300070728452

SANGER 3.6V 895mah Digital Camera Replacement Battery for Panasonic DMW-BCG10