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Digital Camera Sling

Now’s the Time to Get a 3 Phone

The entrance of mobile phone industry in the world is really a dream come true. It made possible the communication of people all around the world plus it is effective, affordable, portable, and hassle free.

One of the leaders in providing mobile services to people is 3 mobile, especially when it comes to 3G services. 3 mobile did not settle for a mobile phone’s primary function (which is to call and send SMS messages). They are the first company in Europe to operate a 3G video network that made mobile phones so beneficial, pleasurable and indeed, a big catch.

Hutchison 3G UK Limited or 3, which was launched on March 03, 2003, became a great part in the history of media and communications. 3 mobile was able to merge entertainment, communication, media and information into a single 3 phone unit. It provides one of the largest 3G services not only in the UK but on the whole of Europe. Some of its hot picks include Nokia N95 and N81, both on the 8GB edition, Sony Ericsson’s Cyber Shot Digital Camera phones like K850i, K800i and K770i, LG KU990 Viewty and Nokia 6500 Slide. Aside from these 3 phones, mobile brands under 3 include Samsung, Motorola, LG, Blackberry, Orange, T-Mobile, Nokia and Sony Ericsson.

3 mobile also has the X-Series plans which was launched in the UK on December 01, 2006. These X-series subscription plans make it possible for users to watch TV using Sling, make unlimited calls which are free of charge using Skype and access the World Wide Web. 3 mobile is partnered with Sling Media, Yahoo, Google, Nokia, eBay, Microsoft, Orb, Skype and Sony Ericsson. It also provides mobile broadband services which will take you to the WWW in minutes just by plugging your 3 phone to your laptop or computer.

It is not hard to find 3 phones of your choice. There are various plans and packages to choose from, depending on your desired number of texts and calls per month. Other features of 3 phones which became major eye catchers to consumers are game downloads, online music stores, easy access to areas like news, headlines, finance, technology, travel updates and a lot more. Many prefer 3G services of 3 but there are still other mobile service providers like O2 phone and orange phone which are two of the largest companies in UK that provides mobile services to people.

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