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How to photograph a small crystal ball with my Kodak Easyshare Digital Camera?

In sunlight without flash? Any tips?

I would start by giving myself a day to look at the ball at various times of the day to see when it looks the best. Seldom does anything look good under direct sun. Remember to not just be concerned with the ball. Take into account the background too. So find a nice spot with a good background and that will allow some sun to hit the ball. Then just take a look at it at various times of the day. Likely early in the morning or late in the afternoon will give the most flattering light.

When you know the best time of day to shoot, then try blocking out some of the sun with a very shear material, possibly even some toilet paper. Someone will probably have to hold the material for you. You also want to be sure there is no sun hitting your Camera Lens which will produce flare and kill your photo color quality. Put the camera in it’s close up / macro mode, usually indicated by a flower icon. Put the camera on a tripod and fill the frame as much as possible with the ball. Set the self timer on the camera. You probably have no control of aperture or shutter speed, so just let the auto settings make the exposure. Obtain focus on the ball by half pressing the shutter button down. When you have focus, press the button the remainder of the way down. The timer will fire the shutter. This will prevent any blur due to you pressing the shutter.

This should give you a pretty decent shot for the equipment you have. Check the monitor and see how it looks and the histogram. If adjustments need to be made, there should be an ability to raise or lower the exposure by some amount with the camera. Automatic metering does not always produce the best results.


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