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Canon SD770 IS Review: Mid-Level House Recommended

With some well recognized and well-publicized contemporaries around, it is easy for Canon SD770 IS to go unnoticed. With an interesting new interface design and modern technology of the SD770 IS ultra is considered the "best value" list.

The SD770 IS nevertheless has the potential to be an example of what Canon is known for its mid-level models, which is building a relatively simple point and shoot that based on a proven set of components and technologies.

Although not a global star with a series of jaw dropping features hidden under its surface, which has no nasty surprises hidden under the hood that distract you. It is simply an Ultra Compact point and shoot camera with a 3x zoom and a 10.0 sensor megapixel CCD.

Functionally, the camera is based on Canon's legacy of placing low cost, lower-specification models SD 700 series. Style-wise this camera is a return to retro-classis 'box and circle' gaze of the cameras in the mid-nineties. Its appearance also reflects its lineage that became ELPH in the Digital Elph around 2000 and has become an integral part of the Power Shot SD range has continued to include Canon's latest technology in ultra-compact flagship models.

The SD770 key factor however, is his return to much of what the original ELPH was: a simple model built pocket camera with the basic idea of the snapshot quality in mind. The inner workings of the SD770 ultra modern reveal a DIGIC III processor, optical image stabilization image, and abundant form of relief – the technological backbone around which to build this compact.

Although the SD770 waive some of the features of higher-end models "most striking soft [face detection tools in reproduction, for example] the benefits of renewal in the processing – improving the speed, as in everything, and clever Canon's face tracking technology are there in the mill.

In its most basic form the SD770 IS provides the following features and playback menu is refreshingly simple compared to some of its competitors:

Auto: A fully automatic shooting mode with a very limited number of user controls.
Manual: A program auto mode with adjustments for white balance, sensitivity, focus modes, etc.
Scene: A total of 11 shooting presets situation [plus swap color, accent color, and digital macro modes] are available.
Movie: The SD770 supports basic functions of video recording up to 640×480, 30 fps.

With a basic square shape, a panel agreement familiar and comfortable control, and SD-prominent firm bevel of the lens, the SD770 SD1100 joins the best, the most "ELPH-like" of the current range of Canon SD construction with a solid feel. The camera combines a slightly rectangular carved with a feeling dense, thick overall suggests that the actual quality.

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