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I necessitate give support to getting a project video on my camra from my computer??
okay so i have a project due tomorrow on the holocause and i made a video on window movie maker. but the problem is is that no programs at my college support that type of file to adopt it on the school computer. sounds confusing i knowww :[ but anyways is near a way i can seize the video on my computer to go on my camra so i can only just hook up my camra at the computer at school?

I own a Canon ZR45MC camcorder.When I put a cassette surrounded by, the notice say “remove cassette” stipulation lend a hand 2 rec.
My tapes seem to be to tighten up,after i take the video out of the machine.What am I donig wrong?

I own a Panasonic VDR-M30 camcorder. I try to download movies to my computer it does not make out it. Why?
I can play the movies from my camera but cannot save it to my computer. I am using both the Sonic software provided beside my camera and Nero 7. Neither recognize my camera. I am conecting camera to computer through a USB port. Please abet!

I own a Sony DCR-DVD405 and trying to use Windows Movie Maker PLEASE HELP?
I have a brand trial Dell with Vista. As I said I am trying to use Windows Movie Maker. The program does not appear to be able to read that the Camcorder (Sony Handycam DCR – DVD405) is hooked up. The camcorder is connected near a 2.0 USB. If anyone can help me numeral this out I would be so grateful. Thank you for helping.

I own a Sony DCR-HC26 andi obligation the drivers to download my video and pictures on to my computer?
when i bought this camera they didnt give me any disc and my computer didnt recognize it although i am usuing the VISTA pane?? anyone can help me ?

I own a Sony DCS-s40 and my pictures looks near the horizontal and vertical lines near a cirular effect?
The straight lines looks like a fisheye lens effect and I don’t know what to do to correct this error

I own a sony DVD Video Camera I use near DVD-R discs. How do I obtain the footage from the disc to my computer?
I can see the footage on my video camera, but when I put the disc in my computer it asks me if I want to join a file, trade name a music disc, etc, but not how to open it. I simply want to draw from the videos from the disc onto my computer so I can bowdlerize, post and e-mail them. Everyone else does it, but I can’t figure it out – assist!

I own a Sony Handycam CCD=F46 my daughter departed me when she moved away. I contacted Sony for a encyclopaedia.?
It says”Sony,Handycam,Video 8 8NTSC,video camera recorder,CCD-F46. But they didn’t provide a photo and I do not want to buy it if it’s not for my older model.Where can I see if it’s the similar model surrounded by the manual.I am already an “Outsider” artist;but hey,”Outsider”videographer sounds virtuous,too!lol! Thanx in mortgage!

I own an sc-dc173u and i obligation backing!?
HI, my name is Yoni and i own an “sc-dc173u” (samsung camcorder) and I despreately need aid. I no u record a video(S) on a “dvd” approaching thing. I’ve done that but i dont know how to hide away that “dvd” onto my Computer or save it on a directory….if u have ANY answers, tips, philosophy etc. then answer or email me at “ayonster93(at)” … Thank You

I own two cords running from an analog video cam?
CAMERA>>>>YELLOW AND WHITE CORD>>>>CAPTURE DEVICE>>>USB>>>>COMPUTER there are two cords a washed out and a white running from my camcorder to the capture device through a usb to the computer, and it is solitary displaying video, how can i get it to display video and audio? do i obligation a different cord?

I requirement aid surrounded by buying a video camera…?
I want it to be under $400. I am using it to story a 3 day Metal Fest. So everything will be an outside shot. I inevitability it to be able to tastefully pick up live music (external mic is fine). I am leaning towards a dv or easier said than done drive storage. I have be researching for weeks and havent been competent to decide. Any type of lend a hand would be appreciated!

I requirement sustain near buying a Camcorder…?
I need minister to with buying a Camcorder. is canon a flawless brand? or which brand is better? it has to be smaller amount than $300 .

I stipulation assistance to restore information on a mini DV.?
I have two months worth of photos and video from my Sony Handicam and I completely can not read any files rotten my Mini DV. It’s like within is nothing on in attendance at all. On the camera it say there is an error and that it’s unreadable. Any model what I could possibly try?

I stipulation to know how to upload video from my canon s5 to youtube? How do I convert it to the right report?
I recently purchased a canon s5 and I hold a baseball video I want to upload. However, it uploaded in the wrong format and I don’t know how to revise that. Also, can I change the one already uploaded to the correct format?

I used a DVD-RW and formatted it to VR instead of Video and immediately I can’t bring back my show on the computer?
how do I get the video to show up on my computer lacking reformatting the DVD-RW causing it to erase adjectives my video??

I want abet knowing what is best to use a webcam or camcorder?
I am using a webcam right now surrounded by a sanctuary. I have run extenders with boosters to put the cam around 35 feet from computer. Thing is beside a webcam I can’t zoom in. I own heard you can run a camcorder next to a usb connection matching way. But what software program would i own to use to get that out. I tried hooking my camcorder up near usb and couldnt get a picture on my computer peak. I am using USTREAM to broadcast live services. Can anyone help me know what to do to gross viewing a better experience?

I want to buy a conceivably cheap video camera to upload vids to youtube .?
I have a Kodak Easyshare Digital Camera that can also run a limited time of live footage but even if i try to upload a couple of minutes into youtube it say it is too big and i think i must own to convert the video to make it upload and i believe within are video cameras that will upload straight to youtube without have to convert ??any suggestions please.

I want to trademark movies?
i have a screenplay surrounded by the making and i would really like to know where on earth i could buy a 35mm camera. is that at all possible? not a camera for photography but a 35mm video camera…tolerate with me.

I want to variety a slow motion video of me shooting beside my gun. Does this require Software or a type of camera?
because to catch the bullet it have to be in really honourable slow motion and reall really slow!

Im after a clothed tripod stand for my camcorder Canon MVX30i But what is biddable?
I have no concept what tripod stand goes beside the Canon MVX30I,I dont want to spend a silly amount of money for a tripod but it has to be a fully clad one Does anyone know what will go next to this model Cheers

I’m have no luck getting my video save to my MAC from my different SONY DCR – SR85. Digital Video Camera.?
Operating Guide is sketchy at best and only deal with PC’s. I entail to get video onto my Mac. I’ve attached the usb cord – so iMovie should come up automatically – But it does not. iPhoto does come up and it have transferred the still images from the camera. – But I obligation the video! Please help!

I’m have trouble!?
Ok so I took some videos on my sony Cyber Shot camera. Then i uploaded them onto and it worked fine. I open up windows movie initiator so i could edit it everything resembling that. I imported it and pressed play on the side and it said that it be 1 hour and 15 minutes long when it was really one and only 25 seconds long. I’m using the regular window movie maker not the xp character. Can someone tell me if its the window movie makers knock? I can open and view the video just fine on the up loader program that come with the camera. I only need somehelp.

I’m Having Trouble Figuring Out How To Upload A Video From SD Memory Card To Computer?
I used my phone to record video on my SD memory card and it turned out great! But the problem is that I can’t come across to figure out how to put it on my computer. It say the video is in the wrong format, so I can’t even look at it on Windows Vista. I really want to win this video on here because even though it’s taking up a lot of memory, it’s a video of my mom and dad’s 30 anniversery. It have a lot of obedient moments and I would hate to erase it. Someone Help!

I’m looking for an affordable high-def camcorder – Any suggestions?
Of course I’d like to achieve the best value for my dollar – I’m looking to spend around $500.00 first, but am willing to spend more. It will be used mostly for film family undertakings – so for recording memories 🙂

I’m looking for the best camcorder….?
under $750.00. It is simply for home videos. It is for my sister who is not repeatedly inclined, so it needs to be glib to use….and be good quaility and put together good quailty video. Am I asking to much?

Im shooting a short movie wit 2 camcorders. Ones a pro, one is a mini cam. What are knob points I requirement to know?
what can the mini camcorder be used as in my movie and how do I breed the best movie using both. Pls help

Importing Digital Camcorder?
I have a Sony DCR-HC21 Handycam, I hold no idea how to introduction the videos from it to my MacBook. (iMovie). The disc that come with the Sony is merely for PC and I’ve read through the “how to” manuals and still can’t amount it out. Can anyone help me?

Importing footage?
i’m importing footage from a camcorder through firewire, but it does it surrounded by realtime, i.e for every 10mins i wait solely 10mins of footage is imported, can i speed this up? i own like 4 hours of footage!!??

Inexpensive but clad video camera?
I love to film things, such as vidblogs, clan stuff, and occasionally my friends and I film moves for fun. Can someone suggest a video camera that would work for me, and is natural to edit the footage, etc. xxoo- appreciation.

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