Digital Mavica

Digital Mavica

A Retrospective Journey Into the History of Digital Photography

We often think that one picture in hundred times better then a lot of words. But is order to get such precious picture, it is necessary to have Digital Camera of high quality. Today we perceive digital camera as something ordinary, but let’s remind that there were times when digital camera was considered as one of the greatest inventions in the sphere of technologies and photography as well.

It 17th of October, 1969 such thing as charge coupled device (CCD) was created by G. Smith and W. Boyle. Originally it was created as a semi-conductor memory for computers. But these scientists also were thinking about including such device in video phones. And finally they integrated CCD in the first CCD camera. It was the beginning of changes in the field of digital photography.

In 1975 this camera and pictures made by it were shown on TV and it was seen that quality of pictures was rather good.

The first prototype of digital camera was created by company Sony in 1981. Actually it was a Video Camera which could capture freeze images. It was called Mavica. In 1986 Kodak invented first megapixel sensor. In 5 years the same Kodak with Nikon created F-3 camera with 1.3 megapixel sensor. At almost the same time Logitech created its Dycam model which could make black and white photos. Apple made digital camera with possibility to transfer images from camera to computer.

So, this brief excursion in the history of digital camera shows us how much the sphere of technologies has advances during several decades.

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Sony F=12~72/ 1.4 Lens Hood  mavica 12-72mm f1.4 digital camera

Sony F=12~72/ 1.4 Lens Hood mavica 12-72mm f1.4 digital camera