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Rebel Xsi – Upgrade to XSI or 40D? I went with Xsi

I've been a photographer time. Back in the 80s I got into 35mm camera with a Canon AE1 and A1. Then he bought a rebel 35 mm and used for many years (even any). A couple of years I bought a Digital Rebel XT is updated soon an XTi. Both the camera were impressive and I never had a single problem with any of them. Like most Updates will however, each new model provides new and useful things that made the new camera-much better than the last.

I will not write all "of the camera does this and not that" kind of things everybody else has written. You can go to the Canon website for all specifications. However, I will say that I have bought many things from Amazon over the years and never had a single problem. I decided to go to my local camera store for this purchase however, only because wanted to handle the camera and play with it a while before making a decision.

I was torn between upgrading to the Rebel XSi or 40d. He had heard many rumors that the 40d would soon be replaced by a new, more advanced model. As I write this that has not happen yet. After playing both, and playing with for several hours in my local store (I think leading seller of nuts!) I have to say:

There is no doubt that the 40d is a Large Camera appear more resistant. However, it is too big for me. It is much heavier, but the grip and the way they are larger. The processer and guts for the most part are the same in both chambers and some of the features of the Rebel XSi is actually more advanced (as it is a newer model.) The viewfinder of the Rebel XSi was clearer and sharper in the Rebel XSi and I liked the feel better total (may have something to do with being familiar with the XTi). The overall sound of the camera operation sounds well. Very professional. The 40d really sounded too robotic for me when the shutter is used or the flash shot. The Live View function on the Rebel XSi is actually an additional option that no 40d, which is great for me since I like macro photography. More importantly, the camera is easy to use and very easy use. The manual comes with is fairly detailed, but still recommend buying a book on good aftermarket Rebel XSi to really get to know. I really could not see spending $ 400 more for the 40d. I prefer to put it into a nice goal.

Finally, I decided to spend less money and get a great camera that will keep me happy for a couple of years in which I'm sure the next time the latest and greatest of the camera already on sale and I'll be ready for a new one! 🙂

If you're in the market for a camera that will do all I want to do, get the Rebel XSi. Whether an armature, pro or just a member of kin for taking great photos of their children and events, this camera fits your needs. With the right lenses the camera will take pictures of magazines quality. If you can not afford that, get the Rebel XSi, also takes great photos. And if you have a lot of money to spend and just want a camera larger, the 40D is not far behind.

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