Digital Sdhc Memory

Digital Sdhc Memory

Features of Secure Digital Memory cards of different companies

Everyone in this modern world wants to use digital products. Digital media cards Secure Digital memory could offer efficient performance. Find here the best Secure Digital Memory Card that fits your device.

Memory Card Secure Digital is a recent, convenient, small and non-volatile device. It is generally used as a standard storage device memory to universal access all media including:

Digital Cameras
• Handheld computers
• PDAs
• Mobile phones
• GPS Receivers
• Console

From 2008, the Secure Digital memory card capacity card has standard 8 MB to 4 GB High Capacity Sdhc cards ranged from 8 MB to 32 GB.

Many renowned companies have developed memory cards to meet growing market demand. The new models SD cards reputable companies are more versatile in virtually all digital media. It is mainly to help share data in a different format through its connectivity problems easy and free. Here are three good SD memory cards produced by famous companies:

• Transcend

This name is well known in the industry of flash memory device. Consists of:

1. 2GB 150X Ultra High Speed Secure Digital memory card

Their Special features include:

• Storage Capacity 2 GB memory
• Dimensions 24 x 32 x 2.1 mm
• Faster reading of up to 22 MB per second
• Maximum write speed of up to 17 MB per second in case of PC platforms

Moreover, what is exceptional about the flash card is the CPRM which is an acronym of the term of protection "Recorded Copy for media." Switch functions write enable mechanical protection. Comes with SD card specification as well. The maximum value of 10,000 cycles of insertion or removal of this card SD is essential for durability. The data has been stored on the card, however, can be accessed in Word Mode. This card also offers different bus width, as 4 and 1. The power required for cash transactions is a great tension between 2.7 to 3.6 Volts.

2. 4GB Secure Digital Flash Memory Card

This is a better platform to store and transfer digital content between handsets. Measuring 32mm x 24mm x 2.1mm, the flash memory card can be very small carry everywhere and standard release rate. The SLC or single level cell NAND flash technology for use with the Flash memory card gives the transfer smoothly and the experience of data storage. Since it is very small in size, power consumption is lower. Therefore gives more battery life. Not requires no additional PC for any well established. It is compatible with digital media, digital cameras, digital Video Camera, PDA and many more.

Other special features:

• 4GB storage capacity
• Weight 2 g
• Power consumption between 7V to 3.6V
• Limited Lifetime Warranty

Kingston 2GB SD Memory Card

This SD memory card can carry multimedia files in a case that helps small to support all formats without a PC. You can also speed up the exchange and transfer of files. Its compact size and ability 2GB storage, which is slightly larger than a postage stamp, can store large amounts of data. In addition to providing data of good reading and writing speeds. It is adaptable to the SD card reader for easy downloading or transferring files to your PC. It is so well protected with built in write protection switch to ruled accidental data loss.

It is compatible with digital media such as:

• SD-enabled devices
• Smart phones
• Digital cameras
• PDAs
• MP3 Players

It is also used to share and transfer:

• Photos
• Music
• Documents

Other features:

• Also available in 1GB
SD Card • Standard
• Dimensions 24 mm x 32 mm x 2.1 mm
• 3.3V power consumption
• cryptographic security protection
• Lifetime Warranty

Memory2Go 1GB SD

It is highly equipped with the features necessary to support a wide variety of multimedia data. The card has a small 24 mm by 32 mm by 2.1 mm by what is convenient. So this allows you to scroll through the various digital devices.

In addition, the Memory2Go is compatible with any SD enabled device. The memory capacity of 1 GB of this drive can load a wide class of digital files. You have a read / write speed of 5 MB / sec and 1.5 MB / sec. It is protected with built-in write-switch to prevent accidental data loss. It has a guarantee 5 year limited also.

Main applications:

• MP3 Players
• Digital Cameras
• Sat tours
• Camcorders
• PDAs
• Mobile phones
• Laptops

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