Digital Shoulder Camera

Digital Shoulder Camera
I drempt that it was my boyfriend and mines wedding day?

I didn’t know what time the wedding was at. I didn’t have a dress someone gave me one that was long sleeved with puffy shoulders. I never sent out invitations. I was totally unprepared. I became so flustered that I asked my sister for a cig. (In real life I haven’t had one for 4 days because I am trying to quite.) The photographer just had a cheap digital point and shoot camera. I wanted to call everything off and reschedule it. What might this mean?

Quitting smoking can cause a lot of dreams of frustration.
Planning weddings is frustrating enough. You feel as if you are not quite prepared to get married. My guess is you really want to get married, thus the wedding dream.
I’d just blame the quitting smoking on this dream.

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