Digital Video Camera

Digital Video Camera
Is there a digital Video Camera that takes pictures as well? Can anyone recommend a good (inexpensive) brand?

This may be a dumb question but I know very little about camcorders. I basically would like to make videos as well as take digital pics. I have a hard time understanding the descriptions when shopping for video cameras and I can’t figure out if it can take pix as well. Do most camcorder take digital photos or would you have to buy the Digital Camera and video camera seperately??

I have a Panasonic Dmc-FX07. It does both. you can adjust the quality. On it’s low setting recordings are ready for youtube. On high it’s good for TV. Most Digital Cameras you will find on the shelf will do it now. I love being able to have a camera and recorder in one device that fits in my pocket. It’s going for about $180 now.

If you get one make sure it has it’s own built in rechargable battery. that helps a lot.

If you go to a store look at the cameras in the middle of the shelf. not the cheapest and not the most expensive either. I’m sure you will find something in the mid range level that is just right.

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