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Disney Mobile's Family Plan

The first thing that comes to mind for most parents when they think of Disney's cell phones. But that could change soon with the launch of Disney Mobile's Family Plan offers parents a way to control their children's use Cell Phone while providing a variety of features that thrill parents and children alike.

The concept is simple. All members of the family receives a phone that works with Mobile Family plan. A family member, usually a parent, is the manager of the family who can set the controls on your phone or the web. While many cell phones that are designed for children with parental controls and calling limitation, Disney seems to have reinvented the family plan and is worthy of being analyzed.

What is included in the Disney Mobile family plan that parents will like?

– Family Monitor – This feature allows parents to establish monthly expense allowance for voice, text messaging and PIX and control what kids can download content on their phones. In addition, the phone and the phone the child's parents receive a message when allocation is used up. The parent may choose to add to compensation or not. – Call Control – Parents can restrict when their children can use their phones and they can make and receive calls. It is also possible to program in "Always On" numbers as parents or emergency numbers can still be called even during the restricted hours. – Family Locator – This feature uses GPS technology to locate cell phone of a child from the father's cell phone or the Disney Mobile website. This feature probably will not help anyone find a cell phone that has disappeared under a pile of clothes in the room of a child, but rather to help find a parent to a child who has forgotten his login or perhaps even a child who really has disappeared. – Family Alert – Parents can send priority messages to all family members while they take over the main phone screen. – Unlimited calls from mobile to mobile – All calls to family members in the plan are unlimited.

What's included on Disney Mobile family plan that children will like?

– Disney Area – Children can download exclusive ring tones and wallpaper from the Disney vault, Disney files. You can also check out the music and artists on Radio Disney and Disney Trivial Pursuit game. – Family Monitor – Even if children do not like to be limited in the amount of calls that can be done, we would appreciate receiving information when you reach your limit so they can plan accordingly.

Other features that come with the Disney Family Mobile plan include:

– Unlimited Nationwide Long Distance – Nights & Weekends Unlimited – Call ID – Call waiting

What is the cost of all this? Given its Disney, you may think it is very expensive. However, prices for both phones and plans seem quite competitive.

There are two phones available for the purchase of the plan. The first is the basic model currently costs $ 59.99 (after rebate). The second most style model currently costs $ 109.99 (after rebate). Both phones come with a camera and the more expensive model also makes of video. Plans from $ 59.99 (450 minutes per month) for two users and more users can be added at $ 9.99 per month.

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