Double Bubble Spirit

Double Bubble Spirit
I trying to make a D-hero and E-hero deck, but I have no clue in what to put in it?

heres what I have


D-hero Captin Tenacious
D-hero Doom Lord
D-hero Double Dude
D-hero Dogma
D-hero Defender
D-hero Dimond Dude
E-hero Wildheart
E-hero Clayman
E-hero Bladedge
E-hero Ocean
E-hero Bubbleman
E-hero Neos
E-hero Avain
E-hero Burstinatrix
E-hero Necroshade
E-hero Sparkman
Exile Force
Magician of Faith
D.D. Warrior Lady
Man-eater Bug


H- Heated Heart
E-Emergengy Call
R-Righteous Justice
O- Oversoul
Bubble Shuffle
Cyclone Blade
Swords Of revealing light
Dark City
Bubble Blaster
Spark Blaster
Hero Heart


2x elemental recharge
Destruction of destiny
Destiny Mirage

So far I have kept pulling jason move to win duels, and I really need help!

i think u should chose one or the other to make a deck with because the way u hav them they will just throw each other off. I prefer destiny hero decks over elemental hero decks so ill give u a decklist:


Destiny Hero Diamond Dude x3
Destiny Hero Plasma x2
Destiny Hero Dasher x2
Destiny Hero Disk Commander
Destiny Hero Malicious x2
Destiny Hero Fear Monger
Mystic Tomato x2
Snipe Hunter
Breaker The Magicial Warrior
Light And Darkness Dragon
Dark Magician Of Chaos
Elemental Hero Stratos


Reinforcements Of The Army x2
Destiny Draw x3
Trade In x2
Heavy Storm
Mystical Space Typhoon
Foolish Burial x2
Soul Exchange
Lightning Vortex x2
Enemy Controller
Brain Control
Premature Burial
Smashing Ground
Pot of Avarice x2


Mirror Force
Phoenix Wing Wind Blast x3
Call Of The Haunted


D.D. Crow x2
Royal Decree
Enemy Controller
Light And Darkness Dragon x2
Mystic Tomato
Destiny Hero Dasher
Magician Of Faith
Reasoning x2
Destiny Hero Plasma
Solem Judgement x2

Hope I Helped U. I kno it look similiar to raida and ddt but its a orginal d-hero deck that i made with some ideas from both the only difference between this and mine is that i dont have a sidedeck.

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